Sunday 9 August 2015

Camping in Edale.

Just 20 miles from home, lies the stunningly beautiful hamlet of Edale in the Peak District.  Hubby and I decided that as the weather forecast wasn't bad, we would have an impromptu camping weekend.  So straight after work, with the car all loaded up, we headed out.  Cooper field a=is a campsite on a working farm and has 4 large fields in which to camp.  It is lovely to watch families and friends enjoy the great outdoors with no TV's etc - just good old fashioned ball games and den building.

 After a quick supper cooked al fresco, we donned walking boots and headed up into the hills.
 And when I say hills, I mean HILLS!!
 The colours are turning wonderfully up here at the moment.  I kept gasping and saying "look at that" .  "What?"  kept replying hubby.  "The colours!" was always my answer.

 It really is truly beautiful up here and so close to home.

 The next morning we awoke to perfect blue skies.  Hubby had a plan for a longer walk - involving MORE hills!
 We headed out up to Rushup Edge - the worse bit was the climb up from the campsite, I think even hubby struggled.

 But the higher you get, the better the views.
 We reckon the walk was just over 7 miles, and wasn't too bad after the initial climb (although the descent down the rocky Jacobs Ladder was tough too.

 This had to be the most picturesque picnic stop ever.
 The scale of the moors and the peaks just takes my breath away.  It truly was a perfect day to see the views.

 The stream at the bottom of Jacob's Ladder was too good an opportunity to miss for feet cooling purposes!  We started a trend too.  Once we went in, every body else went in!

I have to say that at £14 per night, that was the best value weekend ever.  You know I love a spot of camping.


Angel Jem said...

Can't camp, won't camp, but I love the views!

Louise said...

What a fantastic spot to camp!

Mac n' Janet said...

Beautiful campsite, beautiful views. I love walking, but I don't do hills, I'm a bog lady and like to stay close to the ground.

andamento said...

We were in the Peak Ditrict at the end of June/beginning of July. It is a gorgeous part of the world. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I always find it a huge hassle to pack/unpack for camping, you must have it sorted!

Jan said...

Your photos are beautiful and you clearly did some great walks. A real bonus weekend away!!! Jx

Lyn said...

One day! Oh you know what a coward I am!
Lovely photos as usual, I think I will just let you do all the climbing and I'll just admire the photos! Xxx

Rowan said...

The Peak District is a wonderful area. I feel really fortunate to live so close to it. I shall be camping there in a couple of weeks with my younger son and his family. Hope we get weather as good as you had. Fabulous photos!

Young at Heart said...

oh utterly beautiful!!x

Unknown said...

Green and lush - just how a campsite and hilly walk should be! Thanks for sharing!

Rosie said...

It all looks wonderful! I remember camping there in the 1970s and walking from the station (we'd come in from Sheffield) in pouring rain and wondering what I'd let myself in for. Glad you had a great time:)

Lisa said...

Your photos show the countryside in all it's beautiful glory.
What a wonderful destination for a weekend.
Truly getting away from it all.
Lisa x

Curtise said...

Such a beautiful spot, look at those fantastic views. Glad you enjoyed the camping and walking - and look at those pretty pink toes, very glam! xx

topchelseagirl said...

They don't look like hills to me - they look like small mountains lol! Stunning photos. x

snowbird said...

Oh my ..this brings back memories .. I camped at Coopers a long long time ago ! Back in the 70's Both as a Venture Scout and independently ... I hope the toilet block has improved hehehe thank you for reminding me of my Youth lol x