Tuesday 4 August 2015

The Arrival Of Spring

 On Sunday we were in Saltaire and took a peep at the fantastic exhibition of David Hockney paintings entitled "The Arrival of Spring" which is on show in Salts Mill.

 I urge you to catch this exhibition if you can - it's stunning.

 The mill is an amazing building and makes a stunning gallery for work of this scale.

 There are so many on display - the scale of the work is astounding.

 I love the way he used the very modern medium of painting on his ipad and then printing them out about 5 feet high.  What a genius.

David Hockney is a big supporter of Salts Mill and nearly all the floors display lots of his work.  Fascinating stuff.  Catch it if you can.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous. So much colour. And I like the room they have chosen to display the pieces in. So open and airy - perfect to step back in and enjoy the art.

Rosie said...

This looks like a wonderful exhibition, I'd love to see it. Also great that you could actually take photos too:)

Mac n' Janet said...

They're stunning, nothing like a good art exhibit.

Jan said...

Wow - those are great photos of amazing pictures. I must check out how long the exhibition lasts. Jx

Lisa said...

I love the warmth in these paintings.
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I would love to see that; I think he is an amazing artist.

nilly said...

Must go to see this - we love Salts Mill, with its David Hockney connections. Once when we were there two tall, elderly Hockney look-alikes were in the restaurant, both dressed like him and with round spectacles - we couldn't tell if they were male or female, but they had certainly perfected his style!

Angel Jem said...

I really appreciated Salts Mill when I went last month; I hadn't realised how good it was! And Mr Hockney's i pad paintings were a real revelation; that something so effective could be electronically made is an eye-opener! I can't wait to give it a proper go with the children at school.