Thursday 13 August 2015

Win Hill

On Sunday morning, we packed our tent up and went to meet the walking group as we were celebrating it's 200th walk with a(yet another!!) steep climb up Win Hill which sits on Ladybower Dam.

 It was a beautiful day for it.
 We had a large turn out for event.
 The leader had chosen the steepest ascent I'm sure!  It was extremely tough going in places.  I'm sure if I had done this walk just with hubby, I would have made him turn back!!
 However, we were rewarded with some pretty amazing views.

 I read an article in the Guardian a week or so ago that was written by a journalist who was alarmed that so many of her colleagues had decided to upsticks and move to Yorkshire.  I mean, why would you?  There is nothing to see here!

We finished off with a celebratory drink in The Yorkshire Bridge Pub.  Yet another amazing walk with the group and a spectacular end to my fantastic and incredibly cheap weekend!


Unknown said...

Well done - and views well worth the climb!!

Louise said...

I love the walk(s) up Win Hill! I've done two different routes up and both were pretty steep! I like the Yorkshire Bridge too :)

Lisa said...

Here's to the next couple of hundred walks!
I hope you sent the journalist a little not explaining exactly what Yorkshire has to offer!
Lisa x

Young at Heart said...


Rowan said...

Some fabulous views here, it really is a beautiful area.