Friday 21 August 2015


On our way home from the Ile de Re, we stayed overnight near to Dinard.  It was a dull day, but we managed a walk around this lovely little seaside town.

 In the late 19th century, wealthy British and American aristocrats built large villa's here to use as seaside homes.  Many of them remain - some still as huge homes and some divided into apartments.  Some are very well maintained whilst others need some work doing on them.

 They are all very stunning.

 This one was my favourite - still a huge single dwelling.  I like to imagine some faded movie star lives here - still wearing her red lipstick and Chanel suit, with a small army of maids and servants.
 I bet they we fabulous to snoop round in their hey day with amazing parties being thrown and much champagne being quaffed.

 We found this place too late in the day.
 Les Roches Brunes was left as a legacy to the people of Dinard by it's wealthy owner.  It is used as a gallery - we were too late to look around as it was just closing.
 It sits in a very enviable position on the headland.  I would so loved to have a proper nosey around.  the "Belle Epoque" style is so gorgeous.
 Some of you have asked about my camera and it's settings.  I use a very simple point and shoot Canon Power Shot SX700HS.  It has a setting that takes random special effects - like the "tilt shift" photo's use in "Sherlock" etc.  I'm sure I should be able to purposely set my camera to do this, but I haven't learned how to yet, so the special effects button will have to do for now!
 We loved our stopover in Dinard.

It was handy for catching the ferry back next day.


Unknown said...

Great shots! Love those random effects. Those homes are amazing,too! I bet some are beautiful (and expensive !) hotels as well. I've never heard of Dinard, but I may have to visit someday!

Rosie said...

Love those stripey beach huts/tents? The large houses are wonderful some almost teetering on the side of the cliff. What a shame you missed getting into the gallery it looks wonderful:)

The Greenockian said...

Looks like an interesting place - those villas are amazing!

Jan said...

I am so pleased that I have read this post.... Mark and I will be staying in the area for four nights in the middle of next month. I will definitely make a point of visiting the house on the headland. We visited Dinnard many years ago and I had forgotten just how lovely and quirky it is. Jx

Lisa said...

What a beautiful place Dinard is. Those buildings are definitely from a time past aren't they, weekend parties and lots of high living.
Lisa x

Angel Jem said...

Why does it all make me think of Agatha Christie?

Lyn said...

We loved Dinard when we went a few years ago. I love your ferry, did it take a long time using sail power! Xxx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Beautiful shots of some stunning buildings, it looks a great place to visit.