Saturday 15 May 2010

Blog Love

I have been a bit "missing in action" this week. I have to work longer hours when my colleague is on holiday - and she has gone for 3 weeks!!! I also have to do her job as well as mine - an impossibility and balls do get dropped!!! And if it could go wrong this week - it did. Faulty goods delivered by suppliers, damaged in transit goods required urgently, and staff members off sick all helped to make the week VERY TRYING!!! But when I returned home on Friday evening, I found my giveaway prize from the lovely Andamento had been delivered - and this made my week!!!

This lady is seriously talented - my photos do not do the lovely gifts justice.

The boat tea light holder is amazing - the quality is far superior to any other I have seen in shops. The boat reminds me of being in St Ives.

The chocolate did not last long - the kids have a great fondness for Lindor chocolate!

There was also a very pretty bracelet (which was here when I started, and has now moved to the top of this post!!!????) and some gorgeous fridge magnets (note the wizzened old hand and paper cut on finger!!!).

Many thanks to Anne - I absolutely adore my gifts and thank you for making my bad week a lot better. xxxx


Unknown said...

What super gifts - lucky you
Hope you are having a great weekend

Ma Larkin said...

We have so much in common including a love of St Ives. We have been going every year since 1996, sometimes twice. two years ago we emigrated to N.Z. (didn't work out but that's another story) and whilst there holidayed in Golden Bay at the top of the south island. It wasn't a patch on St Ives!

Julia said...

I have missed you and your posts Diane, so it was nice to find this one from you today! What gorgeous gifts you lucky woman! I love the candle holder, bet it looks lovely all lit up!!
Have a nice weekend, make the most of it and have a good bit of R&R while you can!

Love to you
Julia x x x

Lyn said...

It is lovely to get nice things through the post isn't it? they are beautiful gifts.
On your previous post I notice you have been busy, they are very pretty cards.

highheeledlife said...

Hopefully you will hsve a more relaxing week-end .. and some "you" time. The gifts are lovely!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a lovely parcel to receive, and I must apologise that you did not receive another one. But you know how life sometimes gets in the way of our plans. Any way you will receive another one in the next week and I hope you like it too.
Jenny x

andamento said...

Hi Diane, glad you like the things. It's quite funny to see photos of them all in someone else's house!

Lisa said...

What lovely gifts. They bracelet is very pretty.
I was wondering where you were!
Hope the next 2 weeks aren't quite so taxing and that you are having a very relaxing weekend.
Lisa x

Unknown said...

Lucky, lucky you. Those prizes are fabulous. I love the boat tea-light holder (and the Lindt chocolate, it's my fave too).

Would you believe that after I had a really bad few days, I won two blog give-aways. It's unbelievable isn't it? Someone, somewhere, is trying to cheer us both up :0)

Here's to a better week for both of us. x

lesley said...

What a nice end to a hectic week!
Lucky old me had to work on Saturday, so that really only left Sunday to do anything! But I did have lots of cuddles with my granddaughter! x