Sunday 9 May 2010

We had a great sunny start to today, but it was FREEZING. I can vouch for this as I sat from 9.30am to 12.30 am watching the young man play cricket - they won, so it was worth it. When Hubby came home from work at 3.30pm, we decided to go and have a quick walk around the Ornamental Gardens at Wentworth Garden Centre - the crowds were all going home at this time.

I couldn't believe what a difference the past 2 weeks have made - every thing is so green and lush now - let me show you.

Firstly, you have to get past the guards, they are big and very ugly.

The sun was still out, and it had warmed up - thankfully.

Close up
from a distance

In full bloom

from outside of the tree

and from under the canopy

I feel like we are hurtling into early Summer - Hurray!!


Unknown said...

Pre-Violet, I used to love taking walks with my Labrador in the late afternoons/early evenings. Like you say, there are far less people about and the light always seems so beautiful.
Lovely photos again.
Jill x
PS - thanks for your message on my blog re: Violet seeds and stamps. You are very very kind.

Rebecca said...

What a lovely post! You are lucky to live close by to Wentworth garden centre, it is about half an hour away for us :) The plants and flowers are really starting to come through now!
Have you tried the new restaurant there? We did on Wednesday and the food is AMAZING! I had the mushroom linguini followed by a rather naughty eton mess, delicious!

Lisa said...

Lovely photos looking up through the trees.
And so good to see the sun through them!
Lisa x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Your photos are wonderful Diane, and you have had sun!

There was hardly any sun here today and it too has been very chilly and I've got the gas fire on this evening!! Bye for now, Lesley

Marie said...

Hi Diane, it looks like the day eventually turned out to be lovely for you. It is great to see everything becoming green and flowers blooming, very cheering after all that cold winter weather :-)


Lovely piccies xo

Kathy said...

Lovely photos again Diane.
Isn't it amazing that it seems no time at all when there were no leaves on the trees and just look at everything now! Spring is just fantastic. We just need a bit of warm weather now and we'll be totally happy!
Love Kathy xxx

Lyn said...

needs to get a bit warmer though!
Your right it seems to of got green quickly!

Gilly said...

Lovely post, and gorgeous photos! But what is all this about hurling into summer? Summer is HOT, Diane, or at least WARM!

And it wasn't either of those yesterday. Not here it wasn't, though the sun was lovely!