Saturday 19 June 2010

Sharrow Vale Road

Come wander with me down Sharrow Vale Road in Sheffield. I love this area of Sheffield - its so much nicer than the centre of town for shopping at the moment. All the shops, restaurants,bars etc are individually owned and the area has almost a villagey feel to it. I can only show you a very very small selection of the places along here, but I hope you get a feel for it.

Firstly, one of the newer shops and the brilliantly named "Sharrow Marrow"- a greengrocers selling "local" fruit and veg. We bought peas in the pod that had been grown by our next door neighbours in Doncaster.

I loved the imaginative container for the fresh herbs. My great grandad used to call chamber pots "Guzunders" as it "Guzunder" the bed! I may have to borrow this idea.
The walls are decorated in spectacular fashion in these parts.

The furniture store has some nice pieces - but is a bit pricey. There are plenty of gorgeous "home" type stores on the road.
Some of the old pubs have been turned into very succesful bars and music venues. Sheffield has plenty of venues where you can catch live music, whatever your taste - I think that it is a great selling point for the city.
It has several small boutiques that are not too pricey either. The Dancing queen likes to have a nosey around these (on pay day!) as you can get something a bit individual from these places . There are also lots of "vintage" type shops selling clothing, jewellery, bags etc that are worth a rummage around.

There is a good discount fabric shop, and also a wool shop.

There are proper florists dotted around.

The Lescar hotel - famous locally for hosting "The Comedy Club" is on Sharrow Vale Road. Lots of great comedians have played here.

We were thrilled to find Pete McKee's new Gallery had opened . I love the name - it was the name of one of his collections. The gallery is amazing - I could move into it.
The dog on the front of his shop is his famous "council" dog that also featured in one of his earlier collections.
Pete kindly allowed me to take a photo inside his gallery of his kitchen - where he had "Hancocks Half Hour" playing on his Roberts radio. You'll notice that the table features a bottle of "Hendo's" relish!!!

He has some stunning pieces of art (and furniture!) in the gallery. This is one of the designs that he did for fashion designer Paul Smith for his Tokyo exhibition. It's currently featured on Paul Smith Bags and Tee Shirts - I am hoping he starts to do similar stuff to sell in the gallery. If you are local and get chance to pop in, then do so - its a real treat.

To say you are spoiled for choice when it comes to eateries here is an understatement. A few of our favourites are:
The Greedy Greek - where we had lunch. It's always sooooooooo tasty.
Fancie - I took you here last time I visited, just before Christmas. Wonderful cup cakes.

When I worked evenings, Hubby and I used to have regular breakfast "dates" at Cafe Ceres. The owner is french - and it shows.

On one of the side roads (Hickmott Road) is Nonnas Takeaway. Nonnas is a v trendy, v posey, but v delicious Italian Restaurant/Cafe/Place to be seen - on the main Eccclesall Road. Its little "Cucina" is stuffed full of gorgeous goodies - from cakes to full blown meals. You can get a picnic in a box for 2 to share to take to a nearby park. What a romantic thing to do. Sorry the photo is blurred, but I had to take it quickly as I was getting some odd looks from the Italians (or is that just their normal look Michela!!)inside, and hubby was getting a bit embarrassed!

We can recommend the Burrito's from the Mexican across the road too.

It must be great to be able to stroll along and shop regularly on here. It has a good selection of (very longstanding and proper)butchers, fishmongers, and bakeries.

I couldn't resist taking one of these for the football mad young man.


Lisa said...

Those gingerbread men are great!
Love the new photo!
Lisa x

Rebecca said...

ahhhh, what a lovely lovely post! I live just off the top of Sharrow Vale road, I adore all the shops and places to eat :D Fancie is my favourite, luckily for me their other shop in town is just next to where I work! hehe :D

Have you ever been to Green Steps fish & chip shop just off Sharrow Vale? They do the most delicious food! x

Em said...

Love the cake shop window "For people who like cake"...Excellent.
Wish we had some half decent shops where I live...x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

That was a great tour. If we ever get to Sheffield I'll look back at this to give me a few pointers. We have nothing like that here any more unfortunately.

periwinkle said...

looks like a great place , I don't think I#d be able to choose where to eat as they all look and sound delicious

Colette said...

Looks a bit more interesting then Bridport!!

Unknown said...

Areas like that are what make this country so diverse!

Rosie said...

Super shops - how I wish we had a street like that round here! We must get up there soon to take a look at Sharrow Vale Road and the Botanical Gardens which I think you said were nearby in a previous post? :)

Rowan said...

Haven't been down Sharrow Vale Road for a while, time for another visit I think! I used to haunt it when the old secondhand bookshop was there, I was devastated when it closed down.

BadPenny said...

It looks wonderful here Diane. I love places like this & avoid shopping centres.
When I gave blood last week - I was thinking of Hancock's half hour funnily enough !

A garden just outside Venice said...

..erm..we're not used to take pictures inside shops and restaurants here..people holding a camera are always very suspect..ha ha! Have a good Sunday xxxxx

Lazylol said...

Diane, what a lovely place. The fabric shop looks interesting!

Unknown said...

I don't remember ever visiting Sheffield - so thanks for the little tour around. I love having a nosey around great independent shops (even if it was only a virtual tour).

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Ooh lovely. I used to live near Sharrow Vale Rd back in the 80s - it didn't look like that then! Used to drink at Porters Cottage occasionally. Thank you for sharing!