Friday, 20 May 2011

Mystery solved

Ive had 2 cinema freebies this week. On Tuesday, I took the kids and the young mans girlfriend to see "Win Win" (free tickets courtesy of showfilmfirst). I hadn't read what this film was about, and it took me a while to suss it out, but I have to say I really like it. The story is basically about an American lawyer who's business is in trouble. He makes a decision - which he knows is wrong - and the film is all about the impact that this decision has on his family. It is very touching in parts, and very funny in parts. It features no really huge "stars" and it is better for it. It is very well written and each actor and actress plays their part superbly. It does have a feel good factor. We all loved it.

My 2nd cinema freebie was tonight.
Ages ago, I signed up to the newsletter for "Off the Shelf" - the literary festival that we have in Sheffield. If you remember, I won the tickets to see "Germaine sodding Greer" from this newsletter. Well, I must have entered another competition because they emailed me at the beginning of the week to say that I could choose any film from the children's film festival "Showcomotion" at the lovely Showroom Cinema. The kids didn't want to go, so hubby and I went along.
As well as the free tickets, they also had a bit of a party going on, so we got free cake too!!!! Fab Freebie!!!
The film we chose to see, was "Red Dog". A true story written by Louis de Bernieres (he of Captain Corelli fame). We were also introduced to the young producer of the film who had flown all the way from Australia to be at the festival. The film was absolutely brilliant and although we were possibly the only ones in the whole cinema without kids, we enjoyed the whole atmosphere too. If you get chance to go see it, do.
We had chosen to park the car and travel into town on the tram. I was thrilled that whilst we were waiting for the tram home Jack Sparrow turned up again! This time I was braver and asked if I could take his photo. It turns out that he is busking outside cinema's that are showing the new "Pirates of the Carribean " Film.
He really has the mannerisms of Jack Sparrow and he entertained everybody that he met. He got his guitar out for me while we were waiting for the tram.
And the very kind tram conductor let him continue to entertain us on the tram.
Mystery solved.


John Going Gently said...

arrrrh the tram home from cineworld..... many a tram caught back to hillsborough!

in sheff next wed but will be a whistlestop night out I am afraid......
next time

mines a small gin! ( on the wagon now!!!

noelle said...

Oh no my Jack was much nicer looking!!!!!! But he only stayed for a couple of hours and then he was gone, back to the Caribbean!!!!

Christy said...

Those sound like great movies, and to see them for free...and get some cake! Lucky!! :)

diane b said...

Lucky duck, free movies and they both sound like my kid of movie. Actually on our last tour to South Australia we stayed for lunch at a place where Red Dog was made.

Rowan said...

How brilliant to have met 'Jack Sparrow' again, you're right, he really does look the part:)
The film 'Red Dog' looks good, I looked it up on Google having never heard of it before. It gave a hint of a sad ending - hope that was wrong and the ending was happy (in the film at least). It seems there is a statue of Red Dog which gave de Berniere the idea for the book.

Gilly said...

You do see life over there on the wrong side of the Pennines! ;)

Gorgeous dog!

two bones and a bagle said...

Free cakey bun lucky you.

Diane said...

I was going to say I have never had free tickets to anything but perhaps that is not quite true. About 15 years ago Nigel won two tickets to Hong Kong and of course he took me with him!! Great holiday and we also went to see Phuket for a week at the same time. T'other Diane

Rosie said...

Both films sound interesting. Great to get free tickets especially with cakes thrown in! Like the 'Jack Sparrow' look-a-like - must have seemed quite surreal with him popping up here and there and busking on the tram - still I've just seen 'The Merchant of Venice' set in modern day Las Vegas with one of the main characters as an Elvis Presley tribute singer - so I can do surreal:)

Jo said...

They sound like great films, probably not something I'd choose to go and see so it's great to have reviews as they often change my mind. I'm sure Jack Sparrow will be doing very well busking, it's nice to see someone putting some effort in.

A garden just outside Venice said...

It looks like you have such a thing for Mr Johnny Depp, eh Diane?!
Yesterday you blogged about the Jasmine pruned by Edward Scissorhands and today about Jack Sparrow, he he.. Is Colin Firth again available then???! :D

lilabraga said...

jack is much,much,much nicer looking! ;)
lovely post today1

Lisa said...

What a very entertaining night out you had! Capt Jack and cake, what more could a girl want!
Lisa x