Monday 4 July 2011


On Saturday afternoon, I went to the village Gala where I used to live growing up - where my mum still lives. To be honest, it was a bit of a strange gala, but it had one or two merits! The best bit were the old photographs displayed by the Parish council.

I recognised this building straight away. It was in the colliery yard and was the managers office. My grandma and her three barmy mates used to clean here each evening, and as a young child I used to accompany them. Whilst they cleaned and polished and layed the fires in each office to be lit the next day, I would mess about with the big black Bakerlite telephones and swivel in the big wooden chairs. I would type on the typewriters generally amusing myself !!

All the pit buildings, offices and houses are long gone now which is a shame - I used to love these offices, they had a gorgeous lawn in front of them.
This miners strike seemed far more civilised than the one in the 1980's!
I couldn't find out who these chaps were, but they seemed to be taking tea with the vicar.
And these 2 chaps amused me on the end of the huge piece of mining equipment.
I loved looking at the old school photos - some with my mum on, but none with my years on - we only ever had individual ones taken.

Then it was off to my 3rd event of the day!


Diane said...

Interesting history. Have a good week. Diane

Janet said...

Love these old photo`s Diane-busy as usual then -do you ever stop -I wonder? x

Kathy said...

Old photographs are fascinating! So much history, but they leave you with lots of questions too!

Susan T said...

I love old photos. I was lucky enough to inherit a large box full when my parents died. They are treasured.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Gosh,please do take a rest Diane!
I love looking at old photographs!

noelle said...

I love looking at old photos, I always wonder about the people in them and their lives! Your blog seems to be the only one I can comment on at the minute, I don't know why, I keep having this trouble. xx

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Diane

It's amazing what memories come flooding back to us when we look through old photographs. Sad to think of so much that is gone forever but good that there is a picture archive.


Rowan said...

I always love looking at old photographs of places I've lived in especially the town where I grew up. So much has changed or disappeared altogether that's it's good to see streets and buildings as you remember them.

Lisa said...

They knew how to grow moustaches in those days!
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Wonderful old photos - I could look at them for ages they say so much to us don't they? What lovely memories you have as well:)