Friday 16 September 2011

Date Night

Hubby and I's paths have not crossed all week as I am having to work full time, and by the time I get home, he has gone to work. But last night was the start of his days off, and I had managed to grab 2 free tickets to see "Crazy Stupid Love" (which was very watchable) at the Odeon is Sheffield, so we made a night of it. After the film, we called in "Mama's" for our tea (even though it was 8.30pm - remember my post about Yorkshire meal times?)
Mama's is not a chain and never disappoints.

Sheffield lights up on an evening - wander with me back to the car.
The Library windows light up, and
the colours of the lights change, and
the little lights in the pavement on Tudor Square, which also have "mist" around them, light up the same. I love this area of Sheffield. You can see the famous "Crucible" theatre at the bottom of the square and the Lyceum to the right.
The "Cheese Grater" car park is illuminated, but
our favourite bit is this - The dancing queen has dubbed these "The Michael Jackson Steps" as they light up when you walk past them. I hope you appreciate the effort that hubby put in - running up here very fast so they all lit up at once!
There are actually 2 lots of "Michael Jackson" steps as there are another set around the back of the car park.xxxx


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We have never, for some reason, had occasion to visit Sheffield but have known of the reputation of the Crucible for many years. From what you write and show here, it sounds to be a very vibrant city and especially so at night when lit up.

Gilly said...

You do live in an imaginative plac e!

two bones and a bagle said...

Ah I love Sheffield and your photos do it proud. Have you seen the car at the end of the road behind Atkinsons opposite end to The Grosvenor. When its lit up at night it looks amazing it actually made me go 'WOW'. By day its really ugly 60's/70's concrete horror and a beautiful work of art by night. BTW I have granny slippers but not zip up. I have always wanted a pair - tartan, zip up bootees with a pom pom on the zip. Heaven. I am such a fashionista ha ha.

Diane said...

That is just so pretty. I love the changing lights. t'other Diane

John Going Gently said...

one of my best friends is John Highfield , you used to edit "showbiz" in the Sheffield STAR for many years.
he used to get me free tickets to almost EVERY production at the crucible and Lycaeum....

how I miss those theatre days!

greenthumb said...

Hi, glad you made the time for each other. Sounds like fun.

Jo said...

It sounds like you're two ships who pass in the night at the moment, so it will have been nice to spend the evening together doing fun things. I can just imagine your other half running up those steps, all for the sake of a photo. Now that's love for you!

Rojer said...

Wish I could get to Sheffield after dark, and so few folk around. The lighting looks terrific. Is Mama's the one at the top of Norfolk Street? I remember when it opened many (many, many) years ago (was it "Mama's and Papa's" then?). You've a real eye for the photos.

Little Blue Mouse said...

What gorgeous photos; I love the cheese grater car park and the misty lights in the pavement.

A garden just outside Venice said...

I truly suspect that your hubby loves to be your partner in crime for entertaining your bloggy friends :) ha ha!
Loved Sheffield by night!