Sunday 1 July 2012

A short stroll between showers

We hadn't seen much of each other this week, so yesterday hubby and I snatched a few hours before he had to go back to work again, and took ourselves off for a walk around Elsecar - a neighbouring ex mining village. 
I really like many aspects of Elsecar.  One of its attraction is the "Heritage Centre" which used to be the old pit yard.  It has always been a bit hit and miss with what is on offer here, but I think that they have a bit more lottery funding so fingers crossed for its future.  One of its problems is that it is next to Wentworth - where all the visitors seem to head for, but I love a stroll around, so come and see just a little of what is on offer.

They have a lot of enthusiastic volunteers who help restore and run the old engines in the yard.  You could catch a ride today. 

 Some of the old sheds are used as a venue for craft/antique fairs, concerts and plays - its quite a nice space for these kids of events.  I love that they have found a new purpose for these lovely old historic buildings.

 The railway station reminds me of a model railway.
 There is a tiny exhibition that shows how Elsecar was at the very centre of the industrial revolution.  They used to have a much larger exhibition - I wonder where all the wonderful old relics went?
 They used to have a Victoria School room - I don't think it is still here, but they still have the hopscotch outside.  I had a chuckle to myself when I remembered the very many hours I played this as a child.  I taught my own kids to play it too, but I don't see many playing it these days.

We walked from the Heritage Centre to the park, via this poppy field.

 The park was fairly quiet as the weather was quite showery.  Hot one minute, huge downpour the next.  It has an old Bandstand which is still used most Sunday's.  I remember coming to listen to the colliery band when I was little.   We didn't have a car then and Elsecar seemed far away and very exotic to me then as the mining village I lived in was very tiny and a bit remote by comparison.
 A wedding party assembled to try and get some photographs between the showers.
 When the colliery was here, the Miners Welfare paid for some excellent sporting facilities to be built here, which are still used to this day.  We didn't have long to watch the cricket, but it pulled a good crowd.  It gives some of the older residents a place to go and socialise too which is wonderful - and the clubhouse provided shelter from the downpours!

 I noticed this - If you are about on any of these Wednesdays it might be a nice idea to give it a go! I may have to get a half day off work!


Lisa said...

Oh yes what a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon in the summer, I'm sure people of all ages would like that.
Love the cricket photo, very English scene. And the poppy field is so pretty.
Love from another who spent many hours playing hopscotch at school. xx

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

Yes sounds lovely.

Jo said...

It looks delightful. I remember the hopscotch grids were painted on our playground, all that was needed was a stone.

Lyn said...

sounds like a plan to me Diane!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Mmh I'm joining the hopscotch players' club too!
I love England..I want to move there...I'm starting hating hot weather!!!

Louise said...

This looks like an interesting place to visit, especially with the added bonus of a cream tea on the right day!

Down by the sea said...

hi diane,
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm so glad you found me and introduced me to yours. I will enjoy following you too!
Sarah x

topchelseagirl said...

Yes you don't see hopscotch being played nowadays, shame. Its nice to see a bandstand.

Lx @ Twelve said...

I really think we need to pay a trip up your way, the 11year would be fascinated by Elscar & I'd love to see Whentworth...


greenthumb said...

You always find the best places to visit, I enjoy seeing what you find on your outings.

Rosie said...

Nice to snatch a few hours together and avoid the rain too! There looks to be plenty of interest there. I remember playing hopscotch in the playground at school:)

Gilly said...

That looks a really great place to explore! I love old machines, instruments etc.

HippieGirl said...

Did I really make your morning with that post about the cute actor Dolph Lundgren? I thought he was pretty handsome in Rocky IV. And plus I think he's a good actor in general

Rowan said...

I've been to the Heritage Centre once or twice many years ago but haven't seen the park - do they still have brass band concerts? I love brass bands:) That poppy field is lovely - and hopscotch - we always chalked it out on the footpath, no fancy prepared squares in my day:)