Sunday 16 September 2012

We had a lovely morning at this year's Sheffield Food Festival held in the streets in the city centre.  The sights and smells were just wonderful.  When will they invent scratch and sniff blogging!

 We have a lot of excellent local food producers in and around the city.
 We came away armed with leaflets for eateries dotted around the city that we have never tried before - this should give us something to do over the winter months!
 We met the producers of local Sheffield Honey and bought a large jar to have on our porridge in the mornings.
 We have made Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts in the city for as long as I can remember - and I think we still do (although Cadbury's took over the factory recently).  Which was your favourite?  I love the brown and white square ones!
 We bought some wonderful bread from these lovely ladies.

 We resisted the cakes - weren't we good!
 And bought a Sheffield Egg (like a Scotch Egg but better!) for teatime.
It was a very tasty way to spend a lovely morning with hubby.


A garden just outside Venice said...

Such wonderful pictures!
I'm awaiting for the European market to take place in the next village next month..a friend and I have planned to raid all the cakes

p.s.why did you talk about me with your partner in crime??? :-)

Louise said...

How on earth did you resist those cakes?? I couldn't have resisted - do you know the name of the company, they look so good I want to try them!!

I can't eat liquorice allsorts as they're not veggie :(

The Sheffield egg sounds interesting. I think Dave would like it but he can't eat wheat so couldn't have it! He's a fan of "hendys" as he called henderson's relish.

Lisa said...

Any allsort as long as it's not the coconut one, yuck!
I wouldn't have been able to resist the bread, I could live on bread and cheese.
Nice to go to local things which are well done and have chocolate!
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to move to Sheffield, there is so much going on there! With added Henderson's Relish. I haven't had any of that for years, probably since the 80s. Sob.

Curtise said...

Your photos are mouth-watering! I haven't heard of a Sheffield Egg, I will have to seek out where they are sold.
I know it's sacrilege to say as a Sheffild dweller, but I don't much like Liquorish Allsorts... I know, the City Elders will probably ask me to leave! xx

greenthumb said...

What a great day, I don't know if I could have passed up the cake stall.

Rosie said...

Gorgeous local produce, looks like a great day out - like the look of the Cat Lane Bakery and the cakes look so tempting:)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Those cakes look fantastic!

My favourite Liquorice Allsorts are the pink and blue bobbly ones. When I'm eating the others I like to eat off the sweet part first and save all the liquorice in a pile to eat all together!

Lynn Holland said...

Fantastic pictures thanks for sharing them.
Im meeting up with Lyn myself soon as we seem to go to the same places.
Lovely to see both of you on camera.

Carol said...

Wonderful! The bread looks brilliant.
Licorice Allsorts were my Dad's favourites. He liked the round ones - licorice in the middle, coconute round the outside. I like either the licorice logs or the flat round ones covered with little blue "beads".
Carol xx

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