Thursday 25 April 2013

A return to Haddon Hall

I was looking for a day out to treat a pal who has recently been through the ringer, and I remembered the lovely day out at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire that I had with Rosie and Rowan, 2 of my wonderful bloggy friends.  I checked, and they had one of the Tudor re enactment days scheduled, which I think really bring this wonderful house to life - so off we went.

 We had picked a lovely day for our trip after such recent bad weather.
 My pall lives near Haddon, but had never been on one of the re enactment days and agreed that it made for a much more interesting day.
 We were able to chat to the kitchen staff and ask what they were making, what ingredients they were using and where these ingredients would have come from.  The people that dress up for these days come from all over the country and from all walks of life.

 The hall is still lived in by the family who own it and it does feel very homely.
 The gardens have a lovely romantic feel to them.

 We stumbled across the "Upper Crust" who were wandering in the garden.
 Can you tell who this young lady's mother is?  Her mother (Ruth Goodman from the Victorian/Edwardian/Wartime Farm series) was in attendance in the hall too.
 Finally all the food was prepared.  This is a salad of pickled vegtables.
 We were shown how the servants would be fed first, and shown how the servants were ranked in order of importance - and fed accordingly.
 And finally the Lord and Lady would be fed.  They served an enormous amount of food, so that thye could have a huge choice.  The leftovers were all used up - in re heated dishes the next day, servants dishes, food for the estate workers and "Dole" cupboards for the poor.  They would dole some food (usually pastry) out to poorer village inhabitants.
 Haddon Hall is very beautiful and is often used for film locations.  It has been used for countless productions of "Jane Eyre" and was also used as the Inn where Kiera Knightley stayed in the latest film version of Pride and Prejudice.
 We finished off our day with a riverside picnic and concluded that we had loved our day out and had lifted both our spirits.  I think the blue sky helped!


Gilly said...

What a wonderful visit! I must try and persuade Mr.G that it is not too far to go for a day out. Trouble is, we have a dog and you can't leave him in the car for too long, and you can't take him with you! Though perhaps if I dressed him in a Tudor outfit he could sneak in!!;)

Those are beautiful costumes, too, it must have been a wonderful day.

Rowan said...

LUcky you going to another of the reenactment days at Haddon! I must look at the events for this year and try and make it to another of them - there are usually 3 or 4 each year I think. Glad you enjoyed it.

Elizabethd said...

What an interesting day that was. Re enactment really brings it to life.

Diane said...

Wow that looks like you had a great day. Keep well t'other Diane

Kathy said...

I love it when history comes to life!
Kathy x

andamento said...

Looks a great day out. (I might have said that last year too!)

Rosie said...

Oh, how super to go to another Tudor day! I don't know if it is how you have taken your photos but it looks less crowded than when you, I and Rowan visited - glad you and your friend had a wonderful time:)

Curtise said...

I love Haddon Hall, it's one of the prettiest stately homes I have visited, and the re-enactment day looks lots of fun. Glad you and your friend enjoyed it. Gorgeous final photo, that little bridge is beautiful. xxx

Louise said...

what a lovely day out. I've been to Haddon Hall of course, but never on a re-enactment day - sounds very interesting.

Lisa said...

Doesn't RG daughter look like her mum!
I don't fancy those pickled veg, bet your picnic was a 100 times more tasty.
It must have been such an interesting day out.
Lisa x

Lyn said...

Now that is my sort of day out Diane, and you picked a lovely day to go, lucky! It has been hailstone and thunder here tonight! X