Sunday 21 April 2013

Evening City walk - part 2

And so we turned down towards Devonshire Green - always a favourite part of the city with lots of interesting shops and buildings.

 And bars!  I've heard that The Old House was once the city townhouse of the Duke of Devonshire - it is a lovely bar, and I am more that interested by the Gin School concept!  But alas I am on an alcohol ban and have not had a drop since Christmas!
 I know one reader who would like this painting on her garage door!
 Our town hall is very lovely, as most northern town halls are.  Built when we had a modicom of power - thanks to our industry.
 My kids always thought that it looked like Hogwarts.

 The Winter Gardens was gearing up to host a snooker event as the World Championships are back in town again.
 And the cheesegrater car park was lit up.  We rally enjoyed our city walk.
 And I couldn't leave without showing you the latest bit of legal graffiti in the city.  As you know, Pete McKee is our favourite local artist and has added this to the blank wall of one of the city pubs.  We think it looks fab.


primrosesattic said...

It looks really interesting.
I love the last picture.

June said...

Love both pieces of street art.

Lyn said...

Only up north!

greenthumb said...

Wonderful look place, love the local art.

Rosie said...

Again a lovely mix of old and new! I love the carved frieze on the town hall and the Pete McKee art work in the last photo:)

Gilly said...

I love that old Clay Works fascia! And your town hall is magnificent! Think Manchester is better, though! ;)

Lisa said...

A gin school?
Is that what the G in GCSE stands for?
Love the new piece of art.
Lisa x