Friday, 21 March 2014

Columbia Road and Vicky Park

On Sunday, we boarded the tube just a couple of stops as we had planned to visit the flower market and shops on Columbia Road.  The weather was unbelievable - so lovely and warm.  The flower stalls are amazing and reasonably priced too with plenty of customers.  Beware though, some of the stall holders get very annoyed by photographers - which is a shame as I would never have discovered this place if it had not been for the lovely photographs on blogs.  It seems that some businesses are averse to free advertising! 

I loved everything about Columbia Road (although it was too crowded to have a good look at everything)

I loved this paint effect on one of the shops.  It was simply years and years of layers of paint just sanded away.
The atmosphere was enhanced by the lovely music and singing of these two ladies.
Yes we did, and no we didn't (go in and buy anything!)
We loved all the shops - all so very individual.
A lovely lady was selling these home made donuts from her front door -with chocolate or salted caramel fillings - yes we did!
There are so many gorgeous places to eat and drink.  Every where was very busy with Londoners and tourists enjoying the first really Spring day of the season.

After we had explored the area around Columbia Road, we decided to walk back to our hotel and where we had left our car.  Walking in London is very easy as it is mainly flat.  We knew that we could get back through Victoria Park as we had explored the park earlier.  I had never heard of this park before we visited the East End, but it is very special place as Queen Victoria gave the park to the people of the East End for recreation.

It is lovely and well kept and was very well used by families etc on this most gorgeous of days.
I loved this water fountain that had been provided by Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts back in Victorian times - when most houses would not have had clean water.    I have to confess that we decided to sit and relax by the side of the pools that surrounded the water fountain - and found ourselves there for a couple of hours just observing everyone enjoying the park.
There are so many interesting things dotted around the park - like two of these alcoves that were from the 2nd London Bridge that used to span the Thames.
We slowly meandered back through Hackney and over the canal, back to the car and onwards home.  Once again, we had thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in our capital city.


Curtise said...

I hadn't heard of Victoria Park either, but it looks really lovely. Columbia Road looks fab too.
Right, that's it; I need a weekend in London, asap! xxx

Gilly said...

Diane, I can't believe what you have discovered in London! When I worked there no-one with any sense ventured into the East End, and I don't think Columbia Road had flowers! It all seems so much cleaner, and hopefully, safer than my time! Which admittedly was a Very Long Time Ago! I lived backing onto Regents Park, in one of the famous terraces, though ours was a very much second rate Nash effort! But Regents Park was lovely. You certainly had beautiful weather, though and I just love all the little things you find, like door knockers! I was looking at your previous blog, and when I saw Admiralty arch it reminded me that in the World War II my aunt worked in there on some sort of secret military stuff! My Uncle was fighting somewhere in Italy, and Aunt used to come to us for a rest. That is until she was there the night we were bombed!!

Lisa said...

What a lovely colourful post. Shame about the stall holders getting annoyed, like you say it's all free advertising! I haven't heard of that park, but it does sound like it's well worth a visit. And those doughnuts look amazing!
Lisa x

love those cupcakes said...

Really enjoyed these posts about your walks around parts of London I'm not familiar with. The pictures focusing on the smaller detail are lovely.

Rosie said...

Lovely photos Diane, it is an area I don't know so I've really enjoyed discovering more about it:)

nilly said...

A London visit is long overdue for us so this blog post is very interesting & exciting. We are intrigued that you drove into London! Have you any advice about doing this?

Amy at love made my home said...

Looks like a wonderful day!!! I love those door knockers, especially the elephant, that is amazing isn't it! xx

Lyn said...

I bet there are many Londoners that don't know of half the places you have shared with us in these past few posts Diane. Xxx

greenthumb said...

So many lovely things to look at.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Aaah Vicky Park and Columbia Rd. I know them well. I actually work near Vicky Park and right by that canal. Gorgeous pics. xx

A garden just outside Venice said...

I visited London several times but have never been to Columbia Road market. It looks lovely!

topchelseagirl said...

So glad you enjoyed London so much. There really is an endless list of things to see and do.