Sunday, 23 March 2014

Whitby - a grand day out

One of my longest standing pals came to stay with me last weekend.  She moved away from Yorkshire when she defected to the south for university and she has never returned.  I always feel that I have have to show her what she is missing here in Yorkshire when she visits.

On Sunday, we took a trip out to Whitby.  We had a proper seaside day.  Fish and chips, a pint in the pub, an ice cream at the top of the steps and a cuppa and cake in the cafe at the end of the day.
Whitby is such a lovely place.  Lots to explore, plenty to see and I think the the economic downturn has done the place a favour.  It seems to be doing very well lately with people preferring to stay closer to home or visit for the day.  Every where was looking lovely and freshly painted for the new season.
I met Pauline on the first day at Comprehensive School in 1971.  She was sat at the desk in front of me and turned around to say hello.  We have been friends ever since.  I love being in her company, she reminds me that I used to be a girl!
We explored the old half of the town - my favourite bit.
And we walked on the beach and out towards the end of one of the piers.

The weather was absolutely perfect.

It was our first seaside trip of the year and it was great to breath in the sea air.
We climbed the steps to the top of the hill where the Abbey sits...

... it's very steep and there are a lot of steps!
We also visited the lovely church at the top of the hill.  This is worth a look round if you have made the journey.  It has some great old family pews, is candle lit and has lots of interesting artifacts and stories within it's walls.
The stones in the graveyard tell the sad tales of many a lost Master Mariner.  Most of Whitby's male population at one time would have been seafarers of one description or another.
It truly is a perfect little seaside town.
On our way back to the car, we decided to call into La Rosa Hotel for a cup of tea and cake.  I had heard a lot about this very special place, decorated with car boot finds.
It stands overlooking the old town - across the harbour and has some great views from the balconies of some of it's rooms.  It has also had a very famous visitor in the past.
The tea rooms are fascinating with so many curio's and sumptious decor.  I asked the owner if there was any chance that we could take a look at a couple of rooms, and she kindly showed us the first two on the next floor.  They were totally fabulous and are now well and truly on my "list".  They are unlike any other hotel bedrooms I have ever seen.
We had a really grand day out in Whitby.  We really must make it a weekend next time.


Jacquie said...

Stunning photos Diane, it's all looks beautiful.
Jacquie x

Curtise said...

I love Whitby, haven't been for absolutely ages, and as usual, your wonderful photos remind me of what I am missing and make me want to go back! Look at those beautiful blue skies! Old friends are very precious, how lovely to spend a day out together. xxx

Lyn said...

Can I come with you for the weekend? You always get the best day to visit places! Xxxxx

Mad about Craft said...

I love Whitby too!

BadPenny said...

I've wanted to visit Whitby for a long time. Thanks for the virtual visit x

Twiggy said...

We love Whitby too. I really do prefer visiting in the Winter, the old town is gorgeous

Twiggy said...

We love Whitby too. I really do prefer visiting in the Winter, the old town is gorgeous

A garden just outside Venice said...

You still are a girl!!!
Longing for some sunshine after looking at your gorgeous pictures, it's raining cats and dogs today :(
My head is spinning, I don't know where to start commenting, so many posts from you on my reading list!!!

Lisa said...

Whitby has been on my to visit list for years, but after seeing it on other blogs I'm determined to get there one day.
Love your jumpers!
Lisa x

primrosesattic said...

Lovely photos, what a lovely place. So nice you have both stayed in contact.

Julie said...

We visited Whitby last summer so your photos brought back lots of lovely memories. Sounds like you had a great day. X

Louise said...

What a fantastic day you had. I really love Whitby but haven't been for years and years. I've been wanting to go there again for about 5 years and I'm really hoping to spend a weekend there this year at some point. I really enjoyed your photos and I'm glad the economic problems have helped Whitby thrive.

greenthumb said...

So nice to have life long friends, I just love Whitby, I stayed in the Youth Hostel next to the Abby.

greenthumb said...

So nice to have life long friends, I just love Whitby, I stayed in the Youth Hostel next to the Abby.

ChrisJ said...

My, how many people love Whitby! I was going to say so -- it's one of my favorite places. If we all go at the same time it will be a bit crowded. But as I remember it was always crowded. Everybody loves Whitby!

Amy at love made my home said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit and you had perfect weather if your photos are anything to go by! xx

Rosie said...

Another Whitby lover here! We last visited in 2004 - high time to visit again. Apparently there are 199 steps up to the church and abbey! Glad you had a great time with your friends, you had some great weather too:)

Jay said...

What a pretty place, I've never been to Whitby. And it looks like the weather was very kind to you, so lovely to spend time with a great friend.

Gilly said...

Diane, could you stop buzzing around everywhere at high speed? I can't keep up with you! ;)

Only been to Whitby once - and loved it. Now I want to go again, after seeing all your gorgeous photos!