Monday 12 May 2014

Roseberry Topping

I know it sounds like a delicious dessert, but Roseberry topping is actually a hill in North Yorkshire that our walking group had decided to conquer last weekend.

 We all met in the most picturesque village of Great Ayton (where I instantly decided that I could happily live - the bakery had a lot to do with my decision!!).  Captain James Cook had grown up in this gorgeous little village at the foot of the Cleveland Hills.

 Our walk was meant to be 10.5 miles but actually worked out at 11.1 miles - I think this is the longest walk that I have done.  We started out in glorious sunshine - I had my shorts on for the first time this year.
 We ascended the hill through beautiful woodlands.

 I thought it would take a lot longer than it actually took to climb the hill, and I thought it would be a tougher climb....

 .. of course I had to stop a fair few times to admire the view!!
 Once at the summit I felt thrilled and thought that was the hard work done.  Wrong!!
 We did spend a while admiring the view - no one noticed till we turned around that we could see the sea!
 Then it was onwards.

 Unfortunately, the rain decided to fall so I had to put my camera away - and boy did it rain!  But after almost 5 hours of walking, we reached Captain Cooks Monument and we knew it was all down hill from there.
Our walk had taken us above 6 hours in total - the rainy bit made it tough going at one bit, but I have to say I really enjoyed the day.  Hubby and I had booked ourselves a treat for afterwards so I'll show you where we went later.


love those cupcakes said...

Just up the road from me! You could have popped in for a cuppa!

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks like a beautiful walk, and of course you need to stop lots to admire the view and take photos as you are a blogger and you need pictures to share!! Glad that you had such a good time. xx

Twiggy said...

Good on ya!! The view are gorgeous and the bluebells so pretty

Unknown said...

Drove past there on our way back from Runswick Bay the other weekend. L A xx

Louise said...

It looks like a great walk!

Little Blue Mouse said...

It looks a lovely walk, and great views from the top!

Lisa said...

I've just caught up with all your marvellous doings over the past few weeks.
Looks like you and your sister had oodles of Barry love and a good time (and breakfast) was had by all!
Love the photos of the wildflowers you've seen on your trips out and what a pretty photo of a pretty DQ next to the daisies.
Love the odea of the lido visit, not that I can swim, but a bit of outside lounging around sounds like an ideal way to wind down and what spectacular photos you captured on your journey home of the countryside.
No-one who reads your blog could ever labour under the impression it's grim up North, you show us the gems of the North.
And my two would be with you like a shot in the 2p falls, they love those. As do me and G actually!
Lisa x