Thursday 15 May 2014

Scholes Coppice

Our walking group's evening walk this walk was very local to me.  It was in an area that hubby and I have walked many many times as it is very near home.  Scholes Coppice is a lovely little wood at any time of the year, but on this perfect late Spring evening, it looked magical.

 The walk was a "family" walk and so we had kids and dogs with us too.  I'm a big believer in kids getting out and about in the fresh air and I love the fact that so many kids walk so far with the group.  They are all justifiably proud of the mileage that they have walked during the year.

 A spot of tree hugging went on as we waited for others to catch up!
 We got a good view of the big house at Wentworth Woodhouse  from the top of the hill.  A lot of filming has been taking place for several films and TV series lately.  A couple of weeks ago, they had layed fake snow for a film that was being shot called "Get Santa" .  I didn't spot any celebs though.
 Hubby is working on the "Grand Depart" when the Tour de France cycle race comes to Yorkshire in July.  He had to ride around some of the route yesterday and he commented on how beautiful it all is.  I think many people will be amazed when they see our gorgeous county on TV.  A lot of people still think it is "grim up north" but it I hope I prove it is anything but.
 We walked past Keppels Column - one of the Wentworth follies.

 The area around here is all old coal fields - the mining is now all long gone and Mother Nature has taken back and beautified it once more.

 We finished our evening off in the local pub and discussed future walks.  What a very very pleasant way to spend a gorgeous evening.


John Going Gently said...

Grim up north

Curtise said...

That sounds and looks heavenly!
There's nothing more lovely than sunlight filtered through leaves, the light is magical. South Yorkshire has some gorgeous scenery to offer. xxx

diane b said...

Absolutely beautiful scenery. I'd love to do that walk.

Amy at love made my home said...

I do enjoy going on these walks with you! How anyone can think after seeing photos like this that you do not live in a beautiful place I could not imagine, just one of these views would change their mind! xx

Mac n' Janet said...

Looks like you had fantastic walking weather. We always took our daughter with us when we did walks, not sure how much she appreciated it, she's the least ourdoors person I know.