Tuesday 13 May 2014


So after our long walk, hubby and I headed towards the coast as we had booked a room for the night at the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough.  I know I always say this, but you can't beat Yorkshire and it's coastline is truly spectacular with lots of interesting places to discover.

 Even though it is in our own county, we hadn't been to Scarborough for a few years so we were looking forward to a good look around on Sunday.  Scarborough has 2 very large bays - North and South Bays.  Our hotel was on the very beautiful South Bay.  It looks spectacular with Olivers Mount behind it.
 We had great views down towards the harbour and the castle that sit in between the bays.

 Scarborough was built up greatly in the Victorian era when they discovered Spa waters here.  A lot of the old Victorian architecture exists almost untouched.  The pavilion is gorgeous and is used very well for concerts etc
 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
 The skies were a silver shade of Yorkshire Grey, but it was muggy and warm.
 The harbour beach is very "British Seaside".  It has a funicular railway - which we used to get up into the town centre later in the day - the town is VERY hilly!!
 You can still get an old fashioned donkey ride here too.
 It has a few amusement arcades (where we sheltered during a 15 minute shower).  I won 3 keyrings on the 2p falls - my favourite form of gambling!!
 The harbour is still very much a working harbour and we watched the boats sail in and out.  The little blue boat seems to have travelled some distance.

 The Victorian Grand Hotel was once the largest hotel in Europe.  I find it fascinating how the fortunes of towns rise and fall.
 We  found this plaque on the Grand
 ... and these strange blokes decorating the walls.  Victorian architecture is very strange at times.

 We walked along Marine parade to the North Bay and walked up to the church which over looks the town.  We found the grave of Anne Bronte....

 ... and some odd facts about her resting place.
 If you want to live in Paradise, you can.  It's in Scarborough.
 I fell out of love with this town in the 1980's when it saw the worst of it's decline.  However, the recent double/triple dip recession and the invention of the "Staycation" seem to have revived its fortunes a bit again.  Our hotel was quite pricey (for us) but was a treat, and it was exceptionally busy with family's and friends getting away together for a few days.  The town itself has been spruced up and I have to say that I am itching to return and explore some of the smaller bays around here that I have never visited.  
I am loving making the most of every spare bit of time - my health scare last year was a huge wake up call.  The walking group has also been very good for us both too.  I think we are coping with empty nest syndrome just fine.


Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that you had such a good stay, I have never been to Scarborough, but it looks like a great place to visit and if I was ever heading there I would be tempted to go after seeing your lovely post. Not sure about some of that Victorian architecture in the form of those two strange men as you say, but as long as they stay in stone that is fine with me!! xx

Curtise said...

I love Scarborough! We had a family holiday there a few years ago and it was great, something for everyone. Especially love that little funicular railway! I am impressed with those rather groovy Victorian lion-chested gentlemen, aren't they amazing? I hadn't realised Anne Bronte was buried there too.
Yes, Yorkshire has plenty to recommensd it, doesn't it? And I'm glad you are feeling healthy and making the most of it, Diane! xxx

Twiggy said...

Glad you had a nice time, we love Scarborough too, nearly as much as Filey :) I think Yorkshire is a beautiful county, we've got it all haven't we ?

Miss Holly said...

What a wonderful post....oh I would love to see that wonderful place...and your last post...heaven!!! Love those walks...
My cousin and wife and myself did the coast to coast walk...it was one of the most wonderful trips of my life!!
That took me right back!!!

Rosie said...

Lovely photos, Diane! We were in Scarborough at the end of April in very misty, murky weather and visited quite a few of the places in your photos. Like you we hadn't visited since the 1980s when we stayed over for a family wedding. Glad you had a great time:)

topchelseagirl said...

Well your photos definitely make it look worth a visit.
For many years I've had an old 1930s railway poster advertising Scarborough and have often fancied visiting, but was a tad worried it may not live up to my expectations of it's heyday. Sounds like it is on the up. Thanks for sharing.

Mac n' Janet said...

Looks like a pretty place to explore. The only place we've been in the north of England is York, which I loved.

lazylol said...

Ah Scarborough, one of my favourite places to be! I have empty nest syndrome too, i didn't expect it though :)

Louise said...

We used to go to Scarborough often when I was a child as my great uncle had a holiday home that way. I'd love to go again and explore it some more!

Rowan said...

I haven't been to Scarborough for years but your photos make me want to visit it again. I'm glad it's getting a new lease of life.

Little Blue Mouse said...

You did well getting three key rings on the 2p falls! They cling on like billy-o when I play them.