Sunday 26 October 2014

Autumn Colours

Yesterdays stunning 9 mile walk with the walking group filled my heart, mind and senses with the most beautiful autumnal colours and shades and brilliant images of flaura and fauna.  A veritable feast for the soul.

 It was very easy walking with no climbing and plenty of time to take in the wonders of this amazing scenery on Sheffield's doorstep.
 We walked from the Foxhouse Pub at L:ongshaw across to Curbar Gap and Froggat Edge.  We walked in wind, rain and sunshine - the shafts of sunlight were at times exceptionally spectacular.

 You can't help but feel "on top of the world" up here.  We used to walk a lot, but are finding we walk even more with the walking group and our walks are more varied.
 We looked across to Loosehill where we had walked a couple of weeks ago.
 These walks make my weekends feel more like mini holidays.

 The young man was home for the weekend so accompanied us on the walk.  He was able to explain  the Geology of the rock formations which made it even more interesting.

 I can't resist a fungi snap or two.
 I thought these looked like roses.
 And the beasts on the moor were magnificent too.....

 Some more so than others.....
 He reminded me of my latest sewing project which is waiting to be framed.
Our walks with the group cost us £1.00.  If I had paid £100 for this walk I would have thought it was a bargain.


Angel Jem said...

That 4th picture down, of the grass and the gate/fence with the hills behind, is screaming out to be a painting.
The whole walk looks brilliant. And how lovely to have someone who can wax lyrical about the rock formations!

Mac n' Janet said...

Looks like a great place to walk. Your deer/elk is great.

Mad about Craft said...

Beautiful photos!!!

Sandies' Patch said...

I've lost count of the number of years ago I did almost the same walk
It must be more than 30 years!
Parts of Staffordshire have stunning scenery too. I did a series of walks there with the social club I belonged to at the time, seems like a very long time ago.........
Thanks for sharing your pics and I love your stag pic! xxx

Linda P said...

Beautiful images reminding me of what gorgeous walking country awaits us on our doorstep this season. Love the collage inspired by your country walks. You could frame any of your photos along with it. They're just as good as the picture postcards you can buy.

Jennyff said...

A friend once came to Yorkshire for a holiday and returned to Scotland complaining I'd never told her how beautiful it is. It is isn't it, we know that.

Lyn said...

You certainly get around with the walking group, we only did a 4 mile walk (lots up hill) on Sunday but it killed me going up!
I love the stag photo and so glad you finished your stag picture too...looks fab.

Lynne said...

What fabulous walks you are doing. Lovely colours and scenery.
Love your sewing project too.

Rosie said...

Looks like a great walk, Diane. Love your stag photo and your sewing project stag too:)

p.s. we planted the paper white bulbs a couple of weeks ago and they are now over 2ins high - you are right about the quick growth!xx

Unknown said...

Lovely photographs Diane and your stag looks wonderful. I still haven't finished mine. Thanks you have tempted me to finish mine now. X

Lisa said...

Amazing autumnal colours and landscape.
Pretty amazing new sewing work of art too.
Lovely that you had a young man for extra company too.
I think the thing about going out and about is it makes you feel like you've been somewhere and done something and really got away from the rest of the week.
Lisa x