Sunday 8 March 2015

A Night at The Museum

Hubby and I spent a very lovely evening at the Millenium Galleries in Sheffield recently.  The evening had a "bird" related theme to run alongside their current exhibition "The Illustrated Aviary".  We got to watch one our favourite Sheffield street artists "Faunagraphic" painting some of her trademark birds - she made it look so easy,

 We also partook in a little Origami.  I haven't done this since I was little.  There used to be a TV programme and I would sit with my 9"x9" square of paper - and get hopelessly lost half way through!!  I still got lost half way through, but the nice chap I sat next to was an expert.
 We were encouraged to make something to fly and then see whose flew furthest.
 He was very proud of his creation - and it did a magnificent and very spectacular loop the loop every flight - but also ended up behind him instead of in front every time.
 We listened to the live music that the museum had provided...
 A fantastic duo call Bird to Beast.  They had beautiful voices and had written their own songs.  A very talented duo.

 The event was free to attend and had plenty to see and do.

I shall keep my eye out for further events as this one was good fun.


Lisa said...

A fun and free event, sounds like a great way to spend and evening. I'm chuckling at the fact Mr H's plane landed behind him each time!
The 'days' can be found on
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

What a marvellous way to spend an evening, you had a lot of fun.

Katharine A said...

I love nights at museums, museum lates. We (my husband & I ) had a great time at a Brunel Museum Late. Cocktails inspired by herbs on the roof top garden & a tour of the underground chamber. I had a lavender gin cocktail. It's on my blog somewhere if you search the side bar. I don't live anywhere near Sheffield but after reading your post, feel inspired to find another museum evening out, espcially if cocktails are involved. Saw a beer on that origami table!

Curtise said...

That sounds great, Diane! I love Faunagraphic's art, and your origami skills are a great deal better than mine!
PS. Still chuckling about your comment on FB about the school run! xxx

Rosie said...

Looks like a super evening out and so much fun. I love the birds:)

Amy at love made my home said...

It sounds and looks like a lot of fun! xx