Sunday 23 August 2015


On Saturday, a small number of us from our walking group took the train from Sheffield across to the east coast.  A walk to Cleethorpes had been planned but first we had to get off the train in Grimsby and catch a bus to the gorgeous little village of Tetny.  As you can see, I quite enjoyed a ride on the front seat of the upper deck!!

 It was an absolutely scorchio day, and Grimsby looked worthy of further exploration - so I think I shall return another day.
 Our walk from the village took us over fields and waterways.

 Once across the fields, we couldn't resist an early stop at this gorgeous little country pub.
 Off again, and down to the coast where we walked along the sea defence wall.  One huge attraction of this walk for me was that it was very flat, but that also means that the high winter tides can come rolling well in land to the low lying villages along the coast.
 The weather was absolutely perfect and the sea breeze was lovely as we reached the beach.
 Cleethorpes lies in the Humber Estuary and is busy with large ships going to and from Hull and also the large docks at nearby Immingham.  I loved the look of these derelict sea forts.  A chap we had been talking to at the pub said that whilst he was working on the sea defences here, he had dug up lots of World War 2 memorabilia that had been discarded from the fortifications around here.
 I haven't been to Cleethorpes for years, and it has certainly changed.  The central part was very busy with families enjoying a fun filled day on the beach.  It was lovely to see it so busy.
 The beach around Humberstone was gorgeous.

 I hadn't realised that the Greenwich Meridien line ran through here either.  That was a surprise.

We had a fantastic 8.3 mile walk and ended up in town with plenty of time for another drink or two, a paddle in the sea and fish & chips before we caught our train home.  The station is slap bang in the middle of the town and on the sea front - so dead handy!  We arrived home to discover we had missed one hell of a summer storm.

Another great walk with the walking group and a fabulous day out by the sea.  Check out the groups new website - and our leaders version of the same event!!!


Lyn said...

What a great post, loved all the photos as usual. You put me to shame....8.3 miles in hot weather! Impressed lady!

Debbie said...

Hi Diane...Loved your post and your photographs are lovely...This is my part of the glad you enjoyed your walk and visit and the weather was kind to you. We walk our dogs here all the time and sadly I don't always appreciate what is on my doorstep but you have captured the area so well and I know I really am very lucky to walk the sea front/countryside here whenever I want...Debbie x

Rosie said...

What a glorious day you had for your walk, those skies look so blue. I remember the station being near the sea front in Cleethorpes:)

Anonymous said...

Terrific pictures of a lovely day. The shot of the ship 'sailing through the field' made me smile.

Curtise said...

Look at that bright blue sky! Bit different from today...
Haven't been to Cleethorpes for years, and as usual your fabulous photos make me want to revisit. xxx

Katharine A said...

A great set of photos. I'm intrigued by the derelict sea forts. I need to visit the sea more, and then persuade teenagers to walk!

Lisa said...

How did I miss this post.
What a stunning day you had weather wise and after seeing your photos and reading your descriptions I want to go there. Another great marketing post!
Lisa x