Sunday, 15 November 2009


This weekend my hubby and kids have made me feel like this.
And so this morning, I took off with the only person still talking to me - myself! to Wentworth Garden Centre .
This place has been saving my sanity for years. Its literally a 3 minute drive, or 20 minute walk and is like an Oasis in the desert to me.
They have their Christmas preparations well under way with a series of festive events planned - including late night openings with a Victorian theme every Wednesday in December.

Sorry about this poor photo - I was trying to film in secret!

They have some great decorations. I sometimes feel personally responsible for the current economic crisis as I am not really a "spender" and so I bought a few of the decorations that have been mass produced in China and shipped all the way to blighty in those marvellous container thingy's to relieve my guilt. If the country goes to the wall now - its not my fault.
Santa (who is appearing here every weekend) was in consultation with a 4 year old. I couldn't tell just by looking if they would be on the naughty or nice list - probably a bit of both!

Outside was looking slightly festive too.

It even has a stable with a real manger for the the real reindeer's.

It has lovely gardens that are free to walk around. I am seeing lots of this as winter takes grips. According to folklore it means a harsh winter. A White Christmas would be great!!!

The gardens have no flowers left, but still plenty of colour. If you enlarge the next photo, you can see the entrance to the Bear Pit.

I noticed some really spectacular fungi. I poked my toe in this shot so you could see how huge this was.

This, by comparison was so tiny.
And this made a circle, that I stood in and made a wish.

I then had a wander through the lovely village.

And called in the wool barn and had a good look around.
Back to the garden centre car park via the church path
Where a combination of blue skies,

wide open spaces and a lovely refreshing breeze,

has made me feel calm once more. Families. Can't live with 'em. can't live without 'em!!!


Lyn said...

Looks like a good place to let of steam. I have never been, will have to pop over one day?

Caroline said...

What a gorgeous neighbourhood you live in. Are you still talking with you? Come with me to Paris otherwise, that will cure every bad mood, I am sure!
Love the garden centre, it is fun that they have so many activities.
And... you can be proud of yourself, as you singlehandedly saved the country...
I know we do not really want to spend a lot of money these days, as we just do not know what will happen in the future, but it is nice to buy yourself a few little treats from time to time...
and hey, it is for Christmas after all, who can argue with that!!!
How did the Dancing Queen do in the bouncing competition?

Jennyff said...

How calming to have such nice places on your doorstep, must do you the world of good. When I lived in Yorkshire I too had a garden centre within walking distance and made regular visits just for a look round. Now I have nowhere like that so I go out into the garden to regain my sanity, its worked so far.

Lx @ Twelve said...

Not that I would wish for your people at home to upset you again, however it was nice of them, 'cause we got to see a very nice garden centre & photo's....



Marie said...

Looks like you had a lovely day for your escape from trouble and strife. Hope you're still feeling calm!

Rosie said...

What a lovely way to rid yourself of grumpy feelings. Looks like a great garden centre and village so many lovely things to see. Do hope you are smiling again now:)

Gilly said...

What a wonderful place to have so near to you! Our garden centres are full of Christmas things - but always seem to me to be a bit OTT!

But a lovely walk with it, could do with one myself!

Michela said...

Ha ha!Poor Diane!!!!
Beautiful surroundings! I didn't know you had reindeers in the UK, I thought they were only in Lapland! ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh they just get you that sometimes don't they!
What a lovely place you have close by to go and have a bit of p&q and a spot of Christamssy retail therapy.
Hope you are ok.
Lisa x

Lazylol said...

I looked like that this weekend too - pity I didn't escape and meet you in the garden centre :)

I laughed when I read about you filming in secret - isn't it sometimes awkward to take pictures in shops. Ikea is the worst, I feel like some sort of stalker when I try to take a picture in there.

I am going to catch up with your posts now - I haven't been spending much time in blogland recently x

Lesley said...

Just perfect Diane!
You guys have such lovely weekends!
Beautiful photo's xx

Shabby Chick said...

Covert picture taking... I love it! Glad to hear you're not responsible for the ongoing recession now, don't worry I am spending enough for the both of us ;)

And yes I am like a giddy kipper on Christmas day! That made me giggle!

Mel xxx

Karen said...

A perfect way to get off by yourself! What better company is there?--temporarily at least. Glad to see you've personally averted the recession for the rest of us. Whew. We needed that help! Of course some of us buy a little yarn here and there!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Sorry to rad that your family made you feel grumpy at the weekend but I was pleased to read that after your wonderful outing you felt much calmer.
It looks like a lovely area, I feel sure I would have spent absolutely ages in the wool shop! Glad that you added a link to it, thank you.
Isabelle x

The Curious Cat said...

oh dear! It is sure is good to get some 'me' time occassionally, isn't it?! It looks like it was time well spent! I love the photos - especially the fungi - why is it that I have such an interest in this?! :) That is interesting about the folklore too and my, my - christmas trees to buy already - does anyone do that this time of year?! xxx


Wonderful photos Diane. I love them ALL! I want to come back and revisit your post again to have A REALLY GOOD LOOK at them all. I love the Christmas decorations, the greens look great together and the berries and red leaves of course!

Hope you feel better :o)


cottonreel said...

It,s raining, I think it ,s raining all over England, but I want , trimmings
I want the garden centre
I want wool
just looking at your site has given me a lift, I am just testing my laptop , I have a new router , took me all yesterday to sort it,I was afraid all might have disappeared overnight. I.m off for breakfast, I,ll be back for a second look later--cottonreel------- I,m joining you as a follower , take a look at my blog if you have time---cottonreel

cottonreel said...

I just noticed you already have me as a follower, Twice as nice---------cottonreel

Flower Girl said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear you have been 'Grumpy', but glad that peace, love and harmony have been restored 'Chez Heartshaped'. A visit to that wool shop would certainly always cheer me up! Rebecca x

Carol said...

Haven't been to Wentworth Garden Centre for quite some months - and didn't know about the wool barn in the village!
Usually go to their Christmas Farmers' Market so I had better get the date checked.
Glad the visit "lifted" you, we can all get "grumpy" sometimes. Thank you for the lovely photos.

Joy said...

Hello--I'm here via Menopausal Musings. Such a good idea to get away when things are tense--you chose a lovely place to visit. Sometimes our own company is the best. The Wool Barn looked absolutley scrumptious!