Thursday 12 November 2009

Revealed at last!!!

I can finally reveal my PIF gifts as all the recipients have now received them.

Firstly, for BumbleBeeCottage I made a tote bag and lavender bag in a Christmas fabric as she has a bit of a thing for Christmas (if you pay her a visit, she appears to have her tree up already!!). I also added a button "B" and some snowball buttons to her bag. I also made her 3 Scottie dogs for her tree and a denim corsage with buttons in the centre.

For A Bun Can Dance I chose a yellowish theme as she also has another blog called I choose Yellow. I love the American "Jail house rock" panels so popped one of these on the pocket panel of her tote bag. I also sent her a daisy corsage and a grey felted one and a bag of yellow buttons.

For Andamento I embellished her tote pocket with white buttons and a few beads. I knitted her a neck warmer for her bike rides (you don't want a flappy scarf for such activities) and also made her a lavender bag and a denim corsage.

I have to say that even though I was short of time, I really enjoyed making something for each of these lovely ladies.

I have a new car - do you like it?

Yes - you've guessed it, I am only joking. I missed out on a trip to London on Saturday. I had organised a "Dad & Lad" excursion for the men to go to the MPH show featuring Top Gear Live at Earls Court. I was going to tag along for a lift and had planned to visit Borough Market (for starters!! ) but something cropped up and I had to stay at home. The car above is a Bugatti Veron and is worth approximately 1.8 million and is owned by an Arab Sheik who says he is prepared to sell it. Judging by the number plate, I think he is pitching this at Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton!! Anyway, the boys had a great day out.

I used up the last of my birthday money in Waterstones last night. I love the Cool Camping books and have stayed at quite a few featured sites. Great browsing for a very rainy and blustery evening.

Batten down the hatches in St Ives Noelle!!


Lisa said...

Oh lucky girls, your PIF gifts are wonderful!
Glad you found my last post helpful. I agree that the less money you have tends to make you far more inventive and thoughtful as to how it's going to be stretched.
Happy reading!
Lisa xx

Michela said...

Hi Diane! I didn't know you were so clever at crafting! You've made really some lovely bits!!!

Blueberry Heart said...

love the bags - how lovely are they!! They'll be thrilled with them as you've gone and put sooo much thoght into them - fab!!!
BH x

Shabby Chick said...

What gorgeous thoughtful gifts! Those scottie dogs are adorable and I love the Elvis fabric, scrummy!


noelle said...

Hi Diane, your gifts are wicked! How clever you are, bet the recipients are delighted. Oh yeah, wind and rain again tommorrow they say, we're all developing webbed feet!! x x

Joanne said...

Oh wow what lucky girls, the gifts were fantastic. I must say though the scottie are afavourite they are gorgeous and so cute.
Love the new car LOL.

Have a good weekend

Joanne x

Rosie said...

You have been busy - what lovely things you have made for your three recipients. The Scottie Dogs are lovely and the neck warmer looks good - is it easy to make? When I read the words long scarf and Bugatti in the same post I thought of Isadora Duncan:) Hope you enjoy your new books:)

Joanne said...

Hello Diane I just wanted to pop back and say thank you for your last few comments.
I am feeling a lot better now everything went great this morning and my chat with Alex the other night was just what I needed.

Joanne x

andamento said...

Thank you again Diane for my lovely gifts, I think the bag and neck warmer in particular are wonderful!

I'm still looking for two more vounteers to join my part of the PIF if anyone's interested...

...Nina Nixon... said...

'Aaaawwwww' they are all gorgeous and what lucky ladies.

Love the Christmas fabric by the way as I've just gone and bought some - before I saw your bag that is!

Have a lvoely weekend,

Nina xxx

Karen said...

What lovely presents! You have lucky friends! Glad you got to visit Waterstones and spend some time and money on yourself!

Lesley said...

You make some great gifts...I must move a bit nearer!!
Borough fav place in the world...except Tuscany x