Monday 2 November 2009

Paris - Part 2

Our second full day in Paris was equally as energetic as the first. I lured the kids into walking again by promising them a stop off in the shopping district, but I really only wanted to catch a glimpse of the beautiful dome inside the famous Galleries Lafayette. It was very stunning.

After a quick look around, we headed off up the hill to Montmatre. I know its very touristy, and in places a bit tacky, but it is great fun - however the kids didn't think the climb up was much fun!

I heard several accordion's playing which added to the atmosphere, and the mime artist was funny.

I would have loved to step back in time to see the original artists and Bohemian's when they lived here. I tried to find the Cafe and fruit and veg stall from Amelie, but I failed.
We finally made it to Sacre Couer - simply stunning against the blue sky.

The view down the hill is amazing and the haze made it very atmospheric.

After a look in the Sacre Couer (and a touch of the Virgin Mary's foot!! we just did it because everybody else was doing it - if you know why, please enlighten me!), it was off back down the hill and back to have a look in the Louvre.

My daughter tells me that it would take you 3 full weeks to look around everything in the Louvre, and she should know as she is a bit of an expert on the place. I was puzzled as to how she knew her way around the place so well - she knew exactly where the Mona Lisa was! She told me that she has played on "Playstation 2 Davinci Code" so many times, she even knows the short cuts!! and they say that computer games are not educational!!
We didn't get chance to have an in depth look around, and it was very busy in parts, but I loved what I saw. It would be a great place to explore even without the art.

Ans so concluded our last full day in the city centre. Tomorrow I'm taking you to Versailles which I have to say totally bowled me over.

AuRevoir for now mes amies xxxxxxxx


Joanne said...

Oh wow how very exciting, stunning photo's, I love the photo of the Sacre Coeur agaist that gorgeous blue sky.

Joanne x

Shabby Chick said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS Diane! Stunning, I really want to go now. My only glimpse of Paris was on a coach with loads of drunk people singing Agadoo... not good. I had to laugh about your daughter, I can just imagine :D

Mel xxx

...Nina Nixon... said...

'Ooooooohhh' Paris - you lucky thing or should that be 'Oh La La?!'...

...and such delicious pictures.

Michela said...

Monna Lisa is such a dissapointing need a magnifying glass to look at it!
Montmartre c'est adorable!
Can't wait to see Versailles, merci!

menopausalmusing said...

Sigh......Galleries Lafayette... (I went to Paris as a (very!) mature student about 13 years ago.............) loved it! Loved the tale re your daughter and the Louvre... wonderful!

The Girl said...

We never got to go to the Louvre when we went to Paris. Instead we had to go to hospital to have my hand x-rayed as I'd hurt it playing with my brother in the morning and they thought it was broken.

It wasn't broken and no-one's let me forget that it was my fault we didn't get to see round the Louvre!

Looking forward to hearing about Versailles tomorrow.

A time to dance said...

you bring back very happy memories of moule frite and Polly having her portrait done...its like another world isnt close friend went to paris at half term too....she had a wonderful time...the weather looks fab...

Rosie said...

Sigh - how wonderful - I love Monmatre down the back lanes away from the busy artists market square. When we last visited in 2000 the Merry-go-round you see in Amelie was at the foot of the steps up to the Sacre Coeur:)

Lynne said...

Hi, I'm just over from Joanne's blog. You seem to lead quite a busy life. Sheffield seems to be a busy and interesting place. I remember it from my college days as being a wonderful place yet sadly I haven't been back in many a year.
Have enjoyed visiting Paris with you as well and look forward to tne next installment.
Loved the tale about the toothpaste too. You sound how shall I put it? Fun!

elsy said...

you lucky thing diane, paris is one of my favourite places on this earth......could you hear the amelie theme tune in your head? cant wait for the next episode

Karen said...

Thank you so much for taking us along on your trip to Paris. What wonderful photographs! Don't stop!

Susie's country cottage said...

Gorgeous photos again. Paris has some beautiful buildings, even the shops are stunning. I want to go back there NOW!

Blueberry Heart said...

Hi Diane,
LOVE the photos! Looks like you had a ball over there. I've not been for many a year but you have made me want to go back looking at these photos! Not been to Versaille, so looking forward to taking the 'trip' on your next post!!

BH x

Lisa said...

All your photos are fab, but that last one especially.
The PS2 comment made me giggle!
Lisa x