Tuesday 4 May 2010

Spring gardens @ Wentworth Castle

So come with me to look around the gardens this springtime at Wentworth Castle.

They have a great display of all types of tulips.
I think this is Euphorbia, but I'm sure Michela will let me know if I am wrong.

We called this the Sheffield Wednesday Garden as it was all in blue and white. The young man is still in mourning and he says he's depressed - I think he's worried about the ribbing he is going to get from the Sheffield United fans at school.

The parkland is greening up nicely. Luckily the rain shower behind the trees got blown in the other direction!

The views from the top of the gardens over the surrounding countryside are very lovely. South Yorkshire has some beautiful hidden places.

Wentworth Castle is noted for its spectacular displays of Rhodadendrons which are just coming into bloom. I reckon if it warms up (!!!!), they should be at their best in a couple of weeks time.

The castle within the gardens was never a real castle. It was built as a folly to resemble a ruined castle. In summer, they have plays on the lawns here.

The banks of Rhodedenrons leading up to the castle will look amazing when they flower, I'll
try not to miss them.

The steps up to the top of the tower are very steep, but the view from the top is worth it. The hand rail is a dragon, his tail is at the bottom and his head is at the top.

I hope you enjoyed walking through this part of the garden with me. There is much more to see, but I'll save some for another visit.


topchelseagirl said...

Thanks for taking us on your lovely walk. I bet the summer plays are great.

Michela said...

Goooooooal!!!You did it right!
Let's go back to the castle when the Rhododendron will be at their best!

P.S.I wonder why you are always hiding behind your camera!

Unknown said...

Wentworth looks lovely and you've taken some great photos.

Oh how I'd love a garden big enough to build a folly and to hold plays on your lawn :0)

Rosie said...

Well, we are going to have to pay a visit over there very soon - it all looks so delightful - I love rhododendron time! I'd love to see a play performed on that bank too:)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fantastic photos there! What a gorgeous place.

Lyn said...

Oh that view! you are right, It is God's own county! (and Im a Lancastrian!!!!)

Twiggy said...

lovely, I STILL haven't been and it's not too far away from us. Thanks for the tour.
twiggy x

Christy said...

As always, your photos are just fabulous! I always feel as if I've went on a trip. Thanks for sharing such lovely views.

Lisa said...

That avenue of tall tree trunks is fab.
And I love the dragon!
Lisa x

menopausalmusing said...

Loving the dragon. What a lovely place to have a trip out to.

Kathy said...

Lovely photos, lovely place. I think the dragon is fantastic!

About the football - we support Everton (the less successful of the two Merseyside teams) and my son has been at the mercy of Liverpool supporting friends all his life.
After one difficult patch when he was very small he said he couldn't support Everton any more 'cos it was too hard. My brother sat him on his knee and explained carefully how supporting Everton (....and I suppose teams like your Wednesday)was very important because it prepared you for all the disappointments life would throw at you when you were a grown-up!
Needless to say we all still support Everton and have our hearts broken on a regular basis!
And life's disappointments? Bring them on! We can deal with anything!!!!
Hope this helps!
Love Kathy xxx

harmony and rosie said...

Those rhodies are going to be amazing. Sorry your boys are still out of sorts, do hope you're doing your Linda Bellingham impersonation for them still!

Rowan said...

Like Rosie I shall have to visit Wentworth, the gardens look lovely. I love that dragon handrail, what a piece of inspiration on someone's part. I've decided this needs to be an 'on my doorstep' year, I'm obviously missing a great many really nice places.

The Curious Cat said...

How beautiful - you are always off to such amazing places! What a joy! xxx

A time to dance said...

What a lovely place to visit, although my other half lived in sheffield when he went to uni, we never visit...I think we should...H

WinnibriggsHouse said...

That is a really lovely place , I have noted it for the next time we visit Yorkshire. Great photographs.

love those cupcakes said...

THanks, that was a lovely walk. I think I'll have a sit down now.