Thursday 23 September 2010

Renault World Series

Every year, we manage to blag free tickets to the Renault World Series racing event - generally held at Silverstone race track. The boys absolutely love it.

I love wandering around the catering vehicles! They are truly amazing. This was my favourite - and next year I am going to be brave and ask if I can have a look around! It belonged to one of the Spanish teams. As you can tell, it is a huge articulated trailer whose roof expands (to make the drivers lounge I was told), and then the sides pull out to make a huge kitchen, dining room and lounge for the rest of the staff and guests. I managed to stick my head into some of the catering "awnings" - one of them were having a hog roast! The logistics of transporting and feeding the cars, drivers, mechanics and rest of the team around the world must be a nightmare!

The boys love the new cars,

whilst I always fall for the vintage models.

And of course the racing was good - except if you were Greg Mansell (son of Nigel) who was the only one to crash in spectacular fashion, and it wasn't even his fault.

The noise of the one F1 car that they demonstrate with is deafening - I can't imagine what 20 of them on the track all at once sounds like.


Sarah said...

We went on Sunday and go every year. Its fantastic. I loved the F1 car the sound was amazing so much so my dad and I came home and looked at tickets to go the the GP at Spa next year xx

DEBBIE said...

My hubbie would love to go and witness one of the races.
He is going go-carting, at the end of the month!
Boys and their toys!


Kathy said...

I don't think that's one for me .. I couldn't bear the noise!
My men folk aren't into that at all ... Top Gear is about their limit!
Love Kathy xxx

Rebecca said...

ooh looks like a fun day out! I don't understand anything to do with cars but I imagine the hubby would love it! x

Sandies' Patch said...

Diane! Thank you so much for the gifties! I could smell thi lavender scent coming from the hall and realised it was in the package on the doormat! The soap is in my airing cupboard with my bedlinen and smells lovely when I open the door.
The cards and tags are beautiful, so thoughtful! Clever girl!
The crafts and W.I Mags have been read and 'digested' from cover to cover and now reside in my magazine rack besides the sofa, for when I feel creative in mind.
But, you did mention the 'C' word! I try not to think about it until about 4 weeks before! LOL!
Thanks again,
Sandie xx
Thank you so much!

Lyn said...

Oh my Hubby would love that, as you know Diane we are often off to the racetrack.

Lisa said...

A real boys day out. Those vintage cars are just so elegant though.
Lisa x