Saturday 2 April 2011


I asked my mum what where she wanted to go for a mothers day walk. She lives near the village of Wortley and that is where she wanted to go. It is a lovely little village, with a decent farm shop and a couple of lovely cafes.
We wandered through the village and then down to Wortley Hall (I know I have taken you here before so I won't repeat the story of the place). It is a lovely place though and well worth a visit if you are in the area. It is now a hotel (of sorts) and they do allow you to walk through the very lovely and historic gardens without charging you.

I spied a very twisty Wisteria branch,
and as this side of the hall is in a very sunny and sheltered dip, some of the blooms were already out.
The old stable block to the hall is very neglected, but looks quite pretty in its decay.

The huge walled gardens are tended by gardeners for Heeley City Farm in Sheffield and they garden totally organically. Some of the produce is used in the hall, and a lot of the produce is used in the cafe at Heeley City Farm. I was interested in the history of the gardens and also the fact that the gate is original.
It is still in good repair.
These borders are ablaze with colour in summer - everything is just starting to wake up.

The formal gardens are still very much the same as they would have been. In summer you can "Walk and Dine" with the gardeners giving you a guided tour before your supper.

I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as Mum and I did. Mum is a woman of simple pleasures - that must be where I get it from! x


John Going Gently said...

i'd kill for that metal gate!

A garden just outside Venice said...

I do love simple people!
Happy Mother's Day! (today or tomorrow?! ..Mother's Day in Italy is on the 2th Sunday of May)

Lyn said...

What a lovely day you had with your mum, I hope you get spoilt tomorrow!
It looks like my sort of place, it's on my ever growing list!

petals and vintage said...

Nothing wrong with simple pleasures and money cannnot buy them.

Thanks so much for the tour and I will add it to my list as well.

Happy Mothers Day from Brisbane - our is in May.

Pam x

**Anne** said...

I've loved going on a walk with you. There is so much to love about your country, the buildings, the gardens, the GATES!!! Thank you for sharing.
Anne xx

Rosie said...

What an interesting place Wortley looks, I've really enjoyed your photos - glad you and your Mum had a great time:)

HippieGirl said...

All those pictures just make me want to visit England even more! It's so beautiful in the countryside outside the major cities. It's so beautiful and it's awesome to hear about it being Mother's Day over there! Cool!