Saturday 23 July 2011

Dear Points Of View,

Last Saturday morning was the first Saturday Morning in ages that I found myself with nothing to do except lounge around in my PJ's waiting for hubby to get up - as he had been working a night shift. So I sat with my cup of coffee waiting for a morning with James Martin - only to be HORRIFIED to discover that the powers that be at the BBC has scheduled GOLF!!! from 10am-5pm!!!!!!!!! on BBC1.
I became "Very Disgruntled of Rotherham" and moaned loudly about this ALL DAY - I mean, can you imagine the furore if Kirsty Allsopp had been scheduled for 7 hours non stop all Saturday, sewing cushions etc??!! I begrudged my licence fee all day I can tell you.
However this morning, I was a happy and inspired bunny as James Martin was back in his normal 10am slot. So hubby got a "Black Pudding Hash" for his brunch - using lots of leftovers in the fridge.

So stepping down from my soap box - I have been having a massive clear out and de-clutter recently. I have been horrified by how much stuff we have had to take to the tip, I have been thrilled to see how much a novice can make selling on Ebay, and the charity shop has had about 12 bags of goods from us too (The DQ says she feels as if Ive thrown her childhood away - as if I needed any more guilt piling on!). I had been good and let hubby take the bags to the charity shop, but the last one, I took yesterday - which meant I had to have a nosey around, and I came away with 3 brilliant cook books - £1 each and a really lovely French porcelain souffle dish for only £1.75. Made my day.

The lady serving asked me if I had a cafe - "No, but at times it feels like I have" was my reply.


Selfsewn said...

hee hee bargaain books!

I'm putting shelves up in the kitchen for my cookery books, I think I shall have to start scouring the charities!

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

lazylol said...

Very funny post :)

trish said...

Very funny!
Great finds at the charity shop.x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Well disgruntled of Rotherham, think you have a very valid point there. Our television apparently has decided to play non stop cricket for these goodness knows how many days. It's a good job DH has installed a little TV in my new sewing room or I would refuse to pay the licence at all!!
This clearing out must be catching as we are doing the same.
Great CS finds especially the cook books, never think of looking for those.

harmony and rosie said...

At least your James Martin book made up for the no-show on the tav. Poor show, ask for a refund from the beeb, it's not like they can't afford it!

Dianne said...

Now I have to ask the question Diane - Who is James Martin?? and where is Rotherham?
Your pretty French porcelain souffle dish is a real treasure and I'd love to take a peek inside that River cafe cook-book.
Have a wonderful and safe week-end.

"Adelaide and Beyond"
"All Things french"

have a wonderful week-end

greenthumb said...

Black pudding is something I have not tried, is it good I think of it as eating a scab, good finds in the charity shop.

Janet said...

Hmm !looks yummy that black pudding thingy-good finds in the charity shop -I always manage to do that too-go home with more stuff than I actually took !! see you tomorrow-I`ll be the one looking stressed !? xx

Carol said...

I'm a rubbish declutterer - or should that be rubbish at decluttering.......... I bag up four charity bags, put them on one side, spend the next week going through them 'just in case' and end up taking just one bag and emptying the other three, hopeless, and then I bring more goodies back from the charity shop!
Carol xx

Jennyff said...

If I was waiting in my PJs for James Martin and he didn't turn up I'd be furious too. Still good declutter and a few bargains a close second best.

Gilly said...

I don't know what the charity shoops would do without people like you and me, Diane! Mr.G buys and then we take things back again two years later!

Its probably time we had a declutter. You can't get in our spare room!

You are a shining example!

Jo said...

I've stopped selling on Ebay, I find it far too time consuming listing everything, and then they take loads of what you make in fees. Consequently, the local charity shop has done very well out of me lately as I've been having a bit of a declutter too. I've still got loads more to do though. You got some bargain books, I never seem to find bargains in my local charity shops.

Rosie said...

It is annoying when you switch on to watch something you have looked forward to only to find it's been cancelled because of sport. It happened to me a week or so ago - can't remember what I wanted to see now! I wish the BBC would have a designated sports channel so that everyone who wanted to watch sport could do so and those of us that don't watch it can carry on as normal. At least you got your 'fix' of JM with the book. I like the look of the River Cafe cookbook:)


I'm sure you're not meant to be buying more stuff. Have a lovely week xoxo

topchelseagirl said...

Well done on the declutter - and well done finding those bargain books.

Sandies' Patch said...

I know what you mean!
With all the channels they have too!
The lunch looks tasty!

Sandie xx

HippieGirl said...

I seen the cool comment u left on my post about Ned Kelly. Thanks! :), and if you're talking about who I think you're talking about, I'm waaaaaaaaaaay too busy staring at Mick's cute face and sexy bod to insult him!! But I do tire of him calling Mick ChickenMick!!! I really do wonder what it is he has against the Brits?

periwinkle said...

I've been meaning to put some things on ebay for a while now but it does kind of scare me .