Sunday 17 June 2012

A bit of the rest

Looking back at the places we visited and the things that we did, its hard to believe that we were only in Cornwall for a week! 
So here's a few more things that we did before I move off the subject.
We took the short ferry ride on King Harry Ferry as a short cut home one evening.  I find the area around Carrick Roads and the Roseland incredibly beautiful.

We did the Eden Project because the young man remembered that he loved it last time.  However, it was possibly the thing that we did that we enjoyed the least.  Because:
* It was VERY expensive to get in.  I would only go again if I could get half price tickets. It cost us almost £100 for the day and it wasn't worth it.
* It was too crowded - if you do go, avoid school hols.
* There isn't much to do or look at - it's ok for under 11's but not all that interesting for older kids.
* I have a problem with places that are supposed to show us how to save the planet but are keen to sell you bottled water for profit instead of installing drinking fountains.
On the plus side:
*  I really love the concept of the place and what they have built in an old quarry - and the jobs that they have created as a consequence.
* The food in the canteens is totally delicious.
We went to Fowey on a rainy afternoon as the wind was starting to get stronger  - and we loved it.
It is a gorgeous place.

We went to St Mawes and caught the Ferry across to Falmouth.

Once back in St Mawes, we decided to watch the swimmers who were swimming the Castle to Castle Swim in aid of charity - in a very cold and choppy sea.
We were highly impressed with the swimmers who took part.  Some were incredibly young and other much much older.  They were totally inspiring.
We visited numerous coves and bays ,
"Dreckly" being a Cornish measure of time!
We had fun with glowsticks in the tent - I love a spot of "make your own fun".

We celebrated he Majesty's Diamond Jubilee.

Lived very close to nature for the week.

And spent some great quality time as a family - with no outside pressure.  Priceless.
(Camping trousers rolled down for evening wear! ) Bring on the next one.


Lx @ Twelve said...

Lovely. You've been to some of my favourite places...
It is all about the family time at the end of the day.

Carol said...

Hi Diane, I've loved your holiday posts. Great memories, thank you for taking me with you "in heart".
Carol xx

elaine said...

I have always loved holidaying on that part of the coast - it is even lovelier when we have a nice summer. You certainly packed a lot into your holiday - I bet you're glad to be at home for a rest.

John Going Gently said...

YOU WILL BE CONSCRIPTED by the local tourist board x

Nic B said...

Love the evening wear!!xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

I've always fancied going to the Eden Project, but have second thoughts now at that price.
The mackerel fishing on the other hand looks incredibly cheap!

That figurehead near the oyster bar doesn't look very friendly.

ChrisJ said...

In all my years of living in and visiting Britain, I have never been to Cornwall and always wished I had. Whatever Edens Gardens is, it's more expensive than Disneyland and that's saying something!

Paula said...

I love Cornwall and funnily enough have identical photos to yours omitting the glow sticks! We stayed at Malpass near Truro on several occasions. Best holidays ever.

greenthumb said...

Looks like you made the most of you week, such a pretty place. I don't know if I would swim in the cold water.

BadPenny said...

Looks wonderful Diane x

Rosie said...

Fowey looks wonderful like the old petrol pump and the fishing sign. Also love your glow-sticks - looks like fun:)

Lisa said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed going on holiday with you all. Thank you for bring Cornwall to us.
Love the red, white and blue bench.
Lisa x

HippieGirl said...

So beautiful. Lovely photos. Was it warm by the water?

Anonymous said...

I am amazed to see the figure-head still in the same place! I love Falmouth. Well, all of Cornwall really...