Tuesday 16 April 2013

Sheffield Manor Lodge

One place I am keen to explore is Sheffield Manor Lodge.  I've never managed to catch it open, but on driving passed, it appears to be open on Fridays and Saturdays and looks as if there is plenty to see and do (including a very interesting looking cafe!).

 The Manor has a  fascinating history.

 Unfortunately, its sits in an area that has a bad reputation now in the city, but I think the social history of the Manor Council Estate is as fascinating as the old lodge itself - hubby, who regularly finds himself chasing trouble makers around these parts at unearthly times of the day begs to differ!

 I shall make an effort to return and report in more detail soon.
 Another thing that interest me here is this company that produces fantastic floral displays - like the ones they did for the Olympic village last year.  They have great displays around Sheffield and I am hoping to buy some for my garden.


noelle said...

I do like an interesting looking cafe!!!

Lisa said...

How different the surroundings of the lodge are now!
I'm very pleased to see there is a cafe on site, always a plus.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

It looks a really interesting place, it's hard to imagine a deer park and hunting parties there now - I've followed your link to read more and I love the name of the cafe:)

Rowan said...

There's a very active Friends group at Manor Lodge and they are planting a period herb garden among other things. I'd love to go and look round there too but the area puts me off a bit. Shall have to get either DH or a friend to go with me.

Gilly said...

Looks really interesting, but a place to go on a fine day, with company and don't linger in secluded spots!!