Friday, 28 March 2014

Dale Dike Dam, Bradfield Walk

On Sunday, we joined our walking group in Bradfield for a 5 mile family walk around Dale Dike Dam, One of 5 large dams built by the Victorians to supply water to the rapidly expanding population of Sheffield.

 Dale Dike Dam was the Dam that breached and caused the devastating Sheffield  flood that resulted in the loss of over 200 lives on the 11th March 1864.  Having recently been to listen to a talk about the flood, I found it eerie and unnerving walking through the narrow steep valley where the huge wall of water would have come rushing through.
 We had good weather for the start of our walk.  I've mentioned that they are a lovely and diverse bunch of walkers and I loved the chit chat of catching up as we started along the valley.
 I forgot myself at one point though.  I caught a couple of them giving each other a puzzled look as I photographed moss!  I then had to launch into the "blogging" explanation, but I could tell that they still thought that there was something very strange about me! (Yes I know!  they are not wrong!!)
 We had a baby in a back pack, a 3 year old who walked all the way around, a 6 month pregnant lady, an almost pensioner and lots in between on our walk, and we all had lots to talk about.  A common love of the great outdoors and stunning views helps the conversation along.
 This area of Sheffield is very popular as it is only 5 miles from the centre of the city and has a frequent bus service.  The village of Bradfield can get very crowded on a sunny summers day.  We had never done this particular walk before, so will know how to escape the crowds next time.
 There are some absolutely stunning houses out here too - we passed a fair few along the way.  Whilst we gasp at the prices of these, I commented that in London you would be lucky to get a one bedroom apartment for the same price!  I know where I would rather live!
 Well perhaps the 3 year old didn't walk all way round - I hadn't noticed this!

 Hubby had been on a late night shift the night before, and I had intended to go on my own, but he didn't want to miss out and was pleased he hadn't.  Being in the group makes us make an effort to get up and out when we might other wise not bother.
 And I love the way that someone else is in charge for a change - map reading and pathfinding.

 It's wonderful to walk paths that we don't know, but still in our local area.  The walking group has given us a new walking lease of life!
 The area of the Strines Valley here in Sheffield is stunning.
 It is a walk that we will do again, I'm sure.
The group have a walking festival in a few weeks and are walking every day.  I am going to go on as many as I can as some will be after work.  I am so looking forward to it.


Louise said...

Looks like a lovely place to walk, you took some great photos.

Amy at love made my home said...

What a beautiful walk! I can understand what you mean about someone else doing the planning and then you turn up, but it makes you turn up doesn't it which is nice! I know what you mean about the moss photographing by the way! I do that sort of thing and get very odd looks! xx

Rosie said...

It must be nice to be part of such a lovely group of like minded people to spur you on. Your walk looks wonderful:)

Mac n' Janet said...

Nothing feels better than a good walk and to do it with congenial people just makes it better.

Jo said...

You've found a great walking group there. I'm always nervous about joining these kind of groups as I think I wouldn't manage to keep up, but having such a wide range of ages and abilities in the group, I would imagine, encourages more people to join in with them. They seem to plan some lovely walks too.

Lisa said...

Another new place for you to have discovered. And just look at those views, aren't they amazing. Love the dry stone wall.
Hope the walking festival is good, sounds like a lot of fun.
Lisa x

ChrisJ said...

Love the tree full of catkins! None around here -- like daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses, violets and primroses. "Oh to be in England..." Well I do miss them but our new back yard backing on to the creek is ablaze with color. Small trees we thought were dead are in full leaf. We watered and fed them for a full year and thought we'd lost them, but no -- TLC -- and the Lord! brought them through. Now to see what fruit, if any, they bear.

greenthumb said...

What a lovely place for a walk, such pretty country side.

diane b said...

What beautiful scenery you came upon on your walk. It is good to hear how much you enjoy the walking group. I joined a walking for fitness group but they go a bit too fast for taking photos. They also go on Thursday which is my tennis day and I found it a bit too much to walk 2 hours in the morning and then play tennis. So I only go walking when tennis is cancelled. I miss it though.

Gilly said...

What a beautiful area! And a lovely walk and bunch of walkers to go with (though that backpack baby looked very heavy!!)

Find out the Latin names of a couple of mosses, and then tell them "but its a whatever.." with an astonished look on your face!
they will take you for a moss and plant expert and are unlikely to contradict or know you could be wrong!!!

Linda P said...

My daughter has just given me a leaflet re. the walking festival so now that my dodgy knee is getting better I might give one of the guided walks a try! Might see you there!