Tuesday 4 March 2014

Derwent Edge - on top of the world

On Saturday, we were treated to a most glorious day for our walk with the walking group.  We were to meet at The Visitor Centre at Derwent Dam - just on the edge of the Peak District.  I knew that this was going to be  a very different walk to the ones we usually do as I try to avoid big hills at all cost!!!

You won't be surprised to see that the dams around here are 100% full to the brim.  We wondered how long it will be before we are being warned about droughts!!
The walk was 7.7 miles in length, and according to our walking leaders fancy gadgetery, we ascended 1402 feet!  It wasn't too bad a climb, and they do take it at a very steady pace.  Of course I was very kind and offered to stay at the back with the stragglers!!!!
We had to stop many times to admire the stunning views on this gorgeous day....
.. and once the main bulk of the walkers had gone ahead, we stopped a few times to listen to the stunning silence that surrounded us.  Such peace is very difficult to find these days.
The dams here were used to train the Dam Busters in WW2 - they are very spectacular....
..as are the surrounding moorlands.  The furthest one in this photo is the border of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, and I believe is the highest point in South Yorkshire.
We were lucky enough to see (and hear) plenty of Red Grouse, and also an almost white Mountain Hare - something I have never seen before.

You can see for miles when you get to the top of Derwent Edge.  This is a walk that I never thought I would be able to tackle, but I will definitely do it again.
We were treated to some stunning rock formations on top of the hills.

And even though the sun was shining for most of the day, we were sprinkled with a smattering of the white stuff on top of the hills.
I had spotted a few controlled fires in the distance when we were climbing, and was quite surprised when a Park Ranger came and started one right at the side of us.  They burn the heather so that it grows back more vigorously in Summer.
Look how high we climbed!  I was very proud of myself!
I was still at the back on the descent!
We all commented that we got a very lovely sense of changing seasons - it was the first day of Spring and it felt like it.

We are really loving walking with the walking group.  They are a great bunch of lovely people and we get to do walks that we wouldn't otherwise tackle.

It was a perfect day and I really didn't want to go in once we had finished (we did call at a gorgeous pub for a de brief en route home! ).  However at 9pm, I was spark out on the sofa - I love the kind of "tired" you get after a full days walking.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, you were high up!

The first time I ever saw Ladybower, it was such a still day that the surface was entirely smooth and acted as a mirror to the surroundings. It was a spectacular sight.

Louise said...

I really enjoyed your beautiful moorland photos, this is my kind of walk, I love it around there, I've been meaning to head that way myself, but life keeps getting in the way and stealing my weekends!

Curtise said...

It is so beautiful out there, and your wonderful photos do the scenery full justice. Well done on making it round - you'll be doing the marathon next! xxx

Lyn said...

You had such a perfect dat for that walk and well done you! Xxx

Amy at love made my home said...

So beautiful!! The scenery in the lakes really can't be beaten in my opinion!! Glad that you had a good time. xx

John Going Gently said...

Derwent has a special place in my heart
I once did a sponsored walk around it with fourteen patients in wheelchairs ( and a score of nurses)
A lovely day

Vintage Jane said...

What a wonderful walk and fabulous scenery ... my kind of perfect day ... M x

Jacquie said...

This looks stunning Diane,
I would have loved to have joined in too.
Jacquie x

Gilly said...

I've been to Ladybower, but never climbed high up Derwent Edge! It looks absolutely spectacular! Thank you for your beautiful photos, because I will never get up a walk like that again, and its as good as going with your views!!

Lisa said...

Truly spectacular views, what a wonderful walk you completed. I bet that tired feeling felt very satisfying at the end of the day!
No problem in being at the back of the group, good photo taking opportunities!

love those cupcakes said...

You were really high up. Did you get a nose bleed????? Gorgeous pictures. I love the reflections.

Rosie said...

What a walk that was, Diane you must have been thrilled to complete it! Wonderful weather for you and photos for us to see:)