Friday, 4 September 2009

2 Festivals

I want to plug 2 festivals that happen in Sheffield in October. The first is the Literary festival called Off The Shelf. The city plays host to some wonderful guests from the 10th October-31st October at various and wonderful venues across the city - none of the events are expensive and a lot of them are free. Some you have to book for, others you just turn up for. We do have many wonderful authors locally (the brilliant Joanne Harris is one, and she is on at the festival, and her event is free), but there are authors and poets from across the globe appearing - something for everybody.

Ive already booked to see Stuart Maconie who wrote one of my all time favorite books - Cider with Roadies (If you are a similar age to me and "Top of the Pops" on Christmas day was more important than the Queens speech or the Morcombe and Wise Christmas show, then you too may like this book). Even though Maconie is from the wrong side of the Pennines (Gilly), he appears to have lived a parallel life to me growing up. Ive also got tickets to see Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall (control yourself Lisa!!) Jo Brand, and Ive booked a walk in the woods with a bloke who knows his mushrooms. And thats just for starters! I love events like this.
Its brilliant if you live close by, but well worth making the effort if you fancy a few days here in the north. We also have running at the same time, the comedy festival which is called Grin Up North . Something to look forward to as
the nights draw in.
PS What did you all make of Wuthering Heights? I have to say that I didn't stick with it I'm afraid. Heathcliffes really bad Yorkshire accent annoyed me from the start - did it get any better?


Caroline said...

Both sound lovely events! Although I would probably prefer the literary festival. You booked some great events by the looks of it. Have a lot of fun and enjoy the beginnning of autumn!

Lyn said...

No it did not!
I liked trying to spot where they were filmoing it though. They used the front of East Riddleston Hall for the Heights but made it look like it was on the moors!
PS I have been to a talk by Joanne Harris she is an excellent speaker.

Joshy and belle said...

it all sounds like fun, before joshy was born we went to a musical in the gardens of a big stately home near us, it was fab, i cant wait to do things like that again! fliss xx


I hope you enjoy all your events. Look forward to the report!

Carolyn ♥

Julia said...

I stuck with it! It was OK I suppose, although it's been so long since I read the book that I can't remember how far removed from the original storyline it was. And I'm sure they chose that particular Heathcliff for his moody/broody good looks - I don't remember him being so good looking in the book!

I think the real reason I stuck with it though is because I'm going up to Haworth next weekend - can't wait!!:0)

...Nina Nixon... said...

'Ooohhh' yest TOTP's and christmas day - it's all coming back!

Enjoy your festivals,

Nina x

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How interesting! Wish I was close by! We have an Apple Festival this weekend and I will be there! Enjoy your weekend!

Lisa said...

We taped WH and have yet to get round to watching it.
I like the sound of all the things you have booked up to see at the literary festival, just don't get tongue tied over Mr HFW name if you get to speak to him!
Thanks for your very kind messages recently. xx

Flower Girl said...

Thank you so much for reminding me about Off The Shelf! I thought that Wuthering Heights was awful - he definitely wasn't Heathcliff and, like you, I found the accents annoying! Rebecca x