Saturday, 12 September 2009

5 party's in 4 days!!

Party No 1 was on Wednesday evening. This was actually a "Freebie" night out that I had bagsyd for hubby and I and also 2 friends. Our Local Business Link has on its website loads of "events" that it holds throughout the year. This event was listed as an "Inspirational talk by Wayne Hemingway" (he of Red or Dead fame). I thought it was worth a shot, so we booked 4 free of charge places. The event was held on the top 3 floors of the Q Car Park (the cheese grater one I showed you in an earlier post and if I may say so, a fantastic party venue!). It turns out that they had won several awards for design and safety etc. We arrived to discover (much to hubby's delight) that the evening had a "supercar" theme and they had around 12 super cars all parked up for those interested to sit in and rev!! Canapes (delish!) and free drinks (as many as you like!) were served. Canapes and drinks were served to ladies by topless male models. This is how I want all my food and drink serving to me in future!!!

There was also a 6 lane Scaletrix race set to play on.

The talk by Wayne Hemminway was really funny, and also very thought provoking. He talked about how he and his wife set up (or accidently fell into setting up) Red or Dead back in the 1980's. He also spoke about how design affects our living and city centres and how most planners have got it wrong. From the roof of the car park you get a great view of the city and you can see how it is surrounded by green - hills, trees and very open spaces.

After the talk, there was a buffet by Nonna's caterers. Nonna's is a great Italian restaurant in the posh bit of Sheffield, so this was a fantastic treat as it is normally out of my price range!. Free drinks flowed all evening - until it eventually ran out!! There was also a fashion show, showcasing Sheffield talent - excellent and the blokes got to watch the football match on a large screen. There was music and a DJ and space heaters when it got colder. We all got a goody bags containing free car parking tickets till the end of October and Hair care products - and the obligitory Business Link pens. All in all a superb freeby evening out!!
Party 2 was of course my birthday on Thursday.
Party 3 was the wedding of 2 friends. I loved the dessert. The profiterloes were HUGE and the chocolate sauce divine. The writing on the plate was in chocolate!!

Party 4 is this evening. My friend is holding a "Last Night of the Proms" party. Don't you just love my outfit? No?? Destined to be cut up into a cushion cover I think!
Party 5 I have had to decline as this is also being held this evening.
Tomorrow I am having a nice night in!!


Michela said...

What a cool dress! Can we have a picture of you tomorrow? Please Diane!!!!
Have fun!

Lyn said...

You party Animal!

Lisa said...

Wouldn't mind a plate of those super size profiteroles!
Fab dress, hope you have a great evening.
Lisa x

noelle said...

blimey, you gaddabout you! have fun and yes lets see you in the dress please!!

Carol said...

Wow, now that is how to live life!
I love to see that you are really having lots of fun and enjoying it all!
Love that dress and yes cushion cover I can see.....
We would have a fun night out I know it! Live lots, laugh lots, its our life!
Carol x

Carol said...

Oh yes I do like the quiet night in too!

...Nina Nixon... said...

What a party animal you are - so does life begin at fifty!! I'm with you on the dress though!!

Nina x

Lazylol said...

Belated birthday wishes Diane - sorry I missed it! I haven't been around blogland much now I am back in the land of the working!

Jennyff said...

Burning the candle at both ends thought you were supposed to be 50, I'm exhausted just reading about all those great events. And the dress, perfect please don't chop it up.

lesley said...

Wow you cetainly know how to celebrate!!
Glad you had such a fun time Diane, I knew it was your 50th this year..I read about it some weeks ago...lately I've been running over to Dad's a lot with my sister, so i missed the actual day :-(
Happy Birthday!!

The Girl said...

Diane there is one word to describe you. Hardcore. That is some intense partying you've done there. You've definitely put me to shame!

LOVE the profiteroles!

Julia said...

It looks as though you've been having a great time Diane - I can't wait until I'm 50 next year - sounds as though that's when all the fun really starts!!! Love the topless male waiters and the dress is fab!:0)

BadPenny said... dirty little fun haver !!!I think I like those topless waitors !

JuliaB said...

Party animal! Cars for the boys and male models for the ladies .. sounds like a PERFECT partnership! x