Monday 26 July 2010

Camping for Wussies - and what would you do if you spotted Mr Darcy?

One of the main attractions at Barn Farm campsites - particularly amongst University Students - seems to be the "Camping Barns". They have several of these catering for various sizes of parties, and I must say they look a bit swish.

They are basically a converted barn with beds (you take your own linen, quilts and pillows) and a kitchen with all mod cons. A wet weekend would not spoil camping like this - but if one of your party snored, then I don't think the rest would get a great nights sleep. They do look like good fun though.

On our way from the campsite to Chatsworth, we passed the Peacock at Rowsley. Kiera Knightly stayed here when she filmed "Pride & Prejudice" - it was rumoured that she loved their steak pies (although it doesn't look as if she ate many!). I hinted to hubby that I might like a romantic night here - if its good enough for Kiera!!!

Can you see the cutting in the woods in the distance? Imagine you lived at Chatsworth house. What would you do if you spotted Mr Darcy galloping over that hill and heading in your direction? I suggested that I would just have time to dash upstairs and change out of my big pants into some sexy undies - hubby called me a hussy!

Some other shots of the gardens I didn't show you before - the "One Hundred Steps" and yes there are (the young man counted them ) and fortunately we walked "DOWN" them.

The Maze - the young man always likes to "race" me to the centre of any maze we happen upon. Today was like the story of the tortoise and the hare - Hubby and I found the centre by gently strolling around - shortly after so did the young man - but he was exhausted!

I liked this young lady, she was in a beautiful building where you could buy a nice glass of chilled wine - it was a very hot day.

Redcurrants strung like jewels.

And I forgot to tell you how amazing the cafes and restaurants are at Chatsworth. The main restaurant in the stables sells the most amazing lunches and there is also a bistro type place here too. They don't miss a trick though and have several vans scattered about selling pasties and sandwiches as well as drinks and lovely ice creams. We treated ourselves to coffee and lemon drizzle cake. It would have been rude not to.

So what would you do if you spied Mr Darcy galloping towards the house at a pace? Do tell.


topchelseagirl said...

Quickly get changed and put on some fresh lippy. I'm a hussy too! x

Lx @ Twelve said...

Well, obviously he would be galloping at a pace - to get to me! & Ladies don't tell Diane!


Lisa said...

I'd grab a towel and rush out to dry him off after he'd had his cooling dip!
Lisa x

VintageVicki said...

Make sure I was front of the queue ;)

No sure about barn camping - give me a proper tent everytime.

Lyn said...

Put the back of my hand to my forehead and swoon!

Nearly there Claire said...

In my experience...snorers can be heard all over the camp site when camping in a tent so it wouldn't make much difference sleeping with them in a posh barn ha ha...I think I am said snorer to be honest! hee hee!

Regarding Mr Darcy...I would stand there in his path, ample bussom a heaving and say to him, 'Ere Darcy lad...get yer laughin gear round this!' I'd pucker up and force him to give me a massive snog! ;o) xxx

Twiggy said...

I'd pin a note to the door saying I'm waiting upstairs for you Mr D, I really am a hussy :)
twiggy x

periwinkle said...

you are all probably going to strike me down but I've never seen it so if Mr Darcy came galloping through the cut I'd have to ask who he was ... (cowers in a corner from all the shockwaves coming my way !!)

Julia said...

I'd throw myself into the nearest pond so that he would have to dive in after me and rescue me - and we all know that he can swim ....... don't we!!!!:0)

lovethosecupcakes said...

I'd practice saying "I do".

A garden just outside Venice said...

It would have been really rude not having had a slice of those fabby cakes! Well done you! xxxxx

Julia said...

Probably flash a bit of an ankle at him and hope he would stop just long enough to scoop me up and throw me sidesaddle onto his horse!

Loved the photos, such a gorgeous place isn't it! Not sure about the camping barn though, looks a bit too homely...I prefer my tent, I like roughing it and getting back to nature, even if I do take melamine plates and a duvet haha!!

Love J x

Ms B. Thrift said...

Sorry but if it were a toss up between Mr Darcy and lemon drizzle cake the cake would win my full attention every time ;)

The Ample Cook said...

I'd probably have a hot flush! Ha ha ha!

Beautiful place.