Monday 19 July 2010

Trying times with teenagers

Just as the young man and I were about to leave for his cricket match on Sunday morning, they rang to say it had been cancelled because of rain. And so I suggested that we took ourselves off to the RSPB site at Old Moor to get some fresh air - and perhaps the Dancing Queen could accompany us too. They could hardly contain their excitement!!!!

On arrrival, they were perked up a bit by the "Graffiti" on the subway which had been specially comissioned by the RSPB.

They found everything amusing - in that really annoying teenage way! From the gear that all the "twitchers" were wearing, to the very loud "slam" when the door of the hide got whipped out of my hand by the wind and shook the building, scaring all the birds - when I had been "shushing" them all way around!

The dancing queen enjoyed a spot of photography.

I was amazed at how low the water levels had got.

The foliage looked gorgeous even in the rain.

We were privelidged to see all 5 of the Kestrals that had recently hatched in the rafters of the visitor centre. This perked the Young Man up as he has recentley read "Kes" at school and thinks it is brilliant (which it is).

They spotted the sign for the cafe - so that was that.

The verdict? Yes they will come back with me next time, as long as they can do a proper lunch in the cafe (the Sunday roast and Yorkshire puds did look and smell great!)

(Note: This is not the menu!!)

And as anyone who has ever escorted school kids on a trip knows - the very best bit of any visit is.............

The gift shop!!!


Ray+Joan said...

Diane I would love whoever to come & paint a great picture on our garage door just to brighten it up a bit, love reading your blog joan x

...Nina Nixon... said...

I've got it all to come!!!

take care,

Nina x

Colette said...

Least they came with you. Mine are far to embarrased by me to be seen anywhere other then when they want something!!

Jose very kindly told me that she is going to make something of her life, unlike me. (the same words her brother said a little while ago) The she proceeded to remind me how grey I have got. Is there any wonder I happen to be one of the Mum's who is really looking forward to their kids flying the nest!!

One day it'll be just me and Lily. My money will be my own and I may even move when they go to uni and forget to tell them my new address...... one can dream xx

harmony and rosie said...


I had a right old time with my ten year old today about going out sight-seeing. Not happy to hear it'll probably get worse!


Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Good thing you told us that wasn't the menu! LOL Thought you had taken birdwatching to a whole new level. YIKES!

As long as there is a good meal involved, you can usually get the kids to buy-in to the adventure. Kids are the same everywhere, I guess!

Lisa said...

With the summer hols fast approaching I'm sure you'll get some of those days out too. Don't some gift shops sell a load of old tat?!
Lisa x

Gilly said...

Well, you actually persuaded the two of them to go with you! Some would have flatly refused! ;)

Looks a good place, must look it up as we are members of the RSPB - and I loved the graffiti!

Even in an anorak, the rain and from behind, you can tell she is a Dancing Queen!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving that graffiti ! We sometimes go to the gift shop before and after a visit to places like this :-)