Wednesday 20 April 2011

Extra living

Please let this gorgeous weather continue until at least the end of September!
I finish work at 3pm and dash home to get on with real living.

Yesterday, hubby and I decided to have a walk around one of the lakes near us. The warm air is heavily scented with all the beautiful lilacs that are currently in blossom.

We walk through the farmyard and peep in on my favourite animals. Lambs may be cute, but pigs are so comical. I loved the one wrapped up in straw.

and this one decided to peep out at us.

The lakes are part of the Wentworth Estate and are well kept.

The bottom lake is just the right size for a quick stroll around.

Some of the tree's are huge...

..and well dressed at this time of year.

The lakes are used for fishing, I don't know when the season starts.

Then it was back home for our first BBQ of the season, and a lovely long sit outside until late listening to Corrine Baily Rae.

Some of you asked about my Firepit. We used to have a Chimenea, but found that this didn't throw out much heat. I was going to make a Firepit out of a metal bucket and a metal dustbin lid, but couldn't find either of these items, so I bought one from Asda. They have these again this year - in stores and on line - and they are the cheapest I have seen at £25.

I love it when it is light enough for a walk after work, and warm enough to sit out until late. The only thing that suffers is the ironing pile, but I can even tackle that outdoors - when I get the inclination!


A garden just outside Venice said...

Lucky you to spend "half-day" outdoor, I can only spend "half-a-hour" at 7 pm!

Louise said...

That looks like a lovely walk. I love pigs too, they are comical! Last time I walked through a farmyard with lots of pigs I had my trousers nibbled and you should have heard the noise!

I'm stuck in Wolverhampton this week so am not able to enjoy this beautiful weather :( there's no where to go nearby and Dave works until 6 :( - it's quite depressing! At least it's only a 4 day week - I hope the weather lasts at least over the weekend!

Glad to see you are making the most of it :)

Selfsewn said...

Hi Diane it's a bit freakish this weather isnt it?

Yesterday we same the cutest lambs frolicking on a dung heap, didnt have my camera though!!

Thankyou for my lovely card!!!!
I was rubbing down the skirting by the door, and the post nearly landed on my head!

RE. me & offending

Some lummux left me a comment in capitals saying how intrusive the gadget I had was, and words to that affect.
I didnt publish it..funny how rude comments are always from anonymous!


Selfsewn said...

oh! we SAW lambs..its one of those days!

Laura said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. So wishing I was back in England enjoying the sun now. It's raining here... My lilac tree is just starting to get buds, but a long way off the flowers! Enjoy the beautiful weather, I hear there is a long spell of it. Although my brother (a keen gardener) is praying for rain right now... go figure! Lx

Kimberley said...

Forget the ironing, a lovely walk is far better for you! x

andamento said...

Great photos, love the snout!

The Girl said...

Haha love the picture of the pig nose!

Catherine said...

Isn't the weather just gorgeous?!! it really would be lovely if we had a whole summer of doesn't need to be any hotter, it's lovely as it is! Enjoy your real living! Cx

diane b said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying the spring weather. Good for you. Life is for living and you are having a good crack at it. Enjoy! EnJoy! The lake looks beautiful.

Deborah said...

The lake looks beautiful, glad you enjoyed your walk. The weather is fab, I love it!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

**Anne** said...

Pigs are such funny creatures. I love the photo with the pig's snout.
Anne xx

HippieGirl said...

pigs are so cute! and it looks so beautiful, with all those pretty lakes and stuff.

Living the frugal life in France said...

ironing - what's that? MOH irons his shirts each day and my eldest son does the same if it needs it. I do not iron at all

Pomona said...

Love the pig pic! It all looks so beautiful.

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

A lovely walk. we have a beautiful lake near us - walking distance in fact. Our lilac is out as well just like the one in your picture.Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

I love this time of year when the nights stay light and you get more hours to 'live'. The good weather is such a bonus. I love pigs too, last week, we saw a piglet and it's mum having a good old scratch against a tin shed. It made us laugh because their movements were identical.
Thank you so much for the lovely card ... you're very clever!

noelle said...

Wow, it all looks lovely there! Its beautiful here too, unfortunately half the country's here too!!! or so it seems!! I haven't even thought about spring bank yet, er when is that actually, is it soon?? You tell me when we gonna meet and then I can arrange things around my Dad and things!!!!!! As for Sid the seagull, I'd already thought of you and he will be going home with you when you come!!!!! xxxx

Sweet Lily said...

What a wonderful walk you had! :D

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Aahhhhh Diane I love your phrase "real living" simply brilliant, I hope you don't mind if I adopt it?
Happy Easter,

Sarah x

Diane said...

I am sure we are going to get another freeze, but while this sun keeps shining let us enjoy! Love the pigs. Diane

Ticking stripes said...

Isn't it great - getting more hours out of the day - that's what it feels like!

Poppy said...

Another beautiful walk.... I was in my pj's this time!

I hope you have a lovely Easter

Lou xxx!

Mister D said...

This lovely weather is such a bonus - we've started to have our tea outside - hope it lasts.

Lisa said...

It is extra living isn't it, this bonus time to be outside.If anyone can squeeze more intolife then it's you!
Lisa x

jennyfreckles said...

I can only agree with your opening sentence about the weather. If not til September then please can it stay until after my hols in May?