Monday 25 April 2011

Jaume Plensa @YSP

On Good Friday, hubby and I took ourselves off to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (one of my fave places) as I had heard that they had some new exhibits. One of the new exhibitors is Jaume Plensa and I have to say that the pieces are just stunning.

The sculptures in the open air are large and the outdoor space suits them very well.

These 2 large heads are amazing. Their gaze seems to follow you where ever you go. They are made of mesh. They are having an evening opening session soon where they are lighting up some of these sculptures at dusk.

How on earth someone makes these is beyond me. I think they are beyond brilliant.

Although I managed to get shots that make it look as if no one was there, this wasn't the case - it was heaving with folk so I'm going to go back soon for a better look. The exhibition is on until the end of September.

These metal words suspended in the underground gallery tinkled as the children couldn't resist moving them.

We didn't get round all of the exhibits in here, but these illuminated ones were stunning.

They are huge.

These were made of Alabaster and they looked like holograms - as if the faces were projected onto the stone, but they weren't. The carvings were unbelievable.

This is certainly and exhibition you need to catch if possible.
It costs £4.50 to park at YSP and then everything else is free - such fantastic value. Most of the exhibits are suitable for disabled access too

I'll show you some of the other exhibits later.


Louise said...

wow those are some amzing sculptures! The YSP is in my list of places I want to visit and I intend to do so when I'm going that way! We have to go to a Wedding in Newcastle in a few weeks, perhaps we can make a detour then to see these for real!

Julia said...

Flippin' amazing Diane - love em! Especially the 2 mesh heads - they have a kind of ghost quality to them. Wish I lived closer so that I could go too!

Julia x

Little Blue Mouse said...

What fantastic sculptures, I love the tree huggers and the mesh heads.
I took the kids to the YSP years ago but I must go again.

Lisa said...

Absolutely stunning! I bet they will look amazing all lit up at dusk too, you definitely need to go back.
Lisa x

diane b said...

What a fabulous exhibition. I would love to see it. Maybe it will come to Brisbane one day.?????

Rosie said...

Oh, I'd love to visit this place it looks wonderful! Are you going to visit in the evening when the sculptures are lit up? I think it would be magical:)

Mister D said...

We drive past YSP a couple of nights a week and the current exhibition includes a crouching man positioned on top of a 50 ft pole near the main entrance. This is illuminated at night changing colours, and literally appears to be floating in mid air - again worth a drive past after dusk - visible from the road thro West Bretton.

Lynne said...

Looks an amazing exhibition. Loved the tulips in the previous post too.

two bones and a bagle said...

Ooh must visit not been since earlier in the year. I love it there and the cakey bun in the cafe is yum.

Twiggy said...

We were there on Thursday - we live 10 mins away - aren't the sculptures amazing. Twiglet was very taken with the big fella on the hill, as he called him :) The boys loved being able to go inside him too. Really stunning stuff.
Twiggy x

Deborah said...

I've never been here, it looks amazing though, will have to visit.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Kathy said...

My daughter's been there and says we've got to go back! It looks fantastic!

elsy said...

you are so lucky to have this near you diane....i loved the YSP when we went and i would so love to see this exhibition, it looks amazing...hope you had a good easter

Selfsewn said...

They are great if not a bit spooky.
Love the tree huggers!

Nick is just emailing Ayr to see if we can get in for a weekend this summer!!

BadPenny said...

Oh Diane, I would truly love to go there - incredible sculptures. I'd gaze for hours & hours. Thank you for showing us. I just love the heads with the trees behind - fabulous !

keshling said...

We're going to York for a couple days in May so will try and persuade Big Man to stop looks fantastic!!!

K xx

*❀* said...

wow! stunning scupltures..

great photos!!

i'm almost speechless..

Peace Thyme said...

Wow, wow! Amazing and unbelievable!