Friday 22 April 2011

Temple Newsam

Yesterday, we had cause to be in Leeds in the morning, and with the weather remaining gorgeous, we decided not to dash home, but to visit one of the old houses in Leeds that we have never visited. Temple Newsam is a fine Jacobean/Tudor house. It was a bit hazy when we arrived, but still really hot.

The house and surrounding parkland are now managed really well by Leeds City council. Its only £6.40 for a family ticket for 5 people to look around everything. On this occasion we only paid to park as it was too nice to go in the house, but we will return another day for a look inside.

I loved the prose which wrapped all around the front of the house.

and I had a sneeky peak inside one of the rooms, it looks really interesting.

The DQ and I spotted a clearing in the misty distance where we imagined Mr Darcy would ride up to the house.

and then we discovered that he had actually come calling, and look what they did to him!!! They are heathens in West Yorkshire!

The big stable block houses a nice tea room and gift shop (for the many school visits!).

It also has "Home Farm" which is housed in gorgeous old farm buildings right next to the house.

The gardens and greenhouses are kept really neat

With plenty of colour!

We had a lovely long walk through the park and the woods, and came to what I supposed would have been the workers cottages in the village of Colton.

Very sweet cottages.

And proper looking old farms.

On our way back to the car park, we found a duck who had 11 ducklings.

Definitely a place to visit again, and only 20 minutes from home.


Vintage Tea Time said...

What a lovely place. Gorgeous pictures - the flowers are amazing. Imagine having 11 offspring?! Abby x

Miss Holly said...

What a delightful stroll!! Such a beautiful setting......So many beautiful things to see in your country......I must return one day... Happy Easter from New England!

Susan T said...

What a beauty - wouldn't want to live in the big house - too much dusting! but that gorgeous cottage would do.

Have a great Easter Diane

Sue xx

A garden just outside Venice said...

..How would you translate "Mal d'Afrique"?? Maybe "Mal d'Angleterre"?! Well, I think I'm sick then! What a lovely place!
Happy Easter!

Janet said...

Beautiful place and lovely gardens-would love to live in that old farmhouse ! Love those ariculas-particularly displayed like that-very effective-wonder if hubby could build me one of those ? hmm !

BadPenny said...

Lovely and ducklings too...perfect

Lisa said...

Another gem of a palce close to you.Definitely needs another visit or two.Like the matching nails!
Love auriculas, they are so beautiful.
Lisa xx

Jo said...

I could have met up with you at Temple Newsam, Diane, I'm only ten minutes down the road, and grew up even closer, my parents still live just over the main road from Colton. There's so many new houses which have been built there now, it was all arable land when I was growing up. Temple Newsam got it's name through the Knights Templar who lived there in the twelth century. It was given to the Darcy family by royal decree, but seized by Henry VIII and given to his niece, Margaret, Countess of Lennox. The Ingram family bought the house and commissioned Capability Brown to landscape the grounds. It has been in the hands of Leeds City Council since the 1960's. It's only the house car park where you have to pay, if you'd parked in any of the other car parks they're free. The farm houses many rare breeds, and has recently suffered a fire, but I believe that none of the animals were injured in it. Do let me know when you decide to return so that we can have a 'blog date'.

Diane said...

Looks like a great day out. I love the colours in the flowers. Diane

Kathy said...

You always go to such lovely places ...I've never been to Leeds. I've only passed through on the train.
I'm hoping to visit a nice house tomorrow with my lovely girl.
Have a lovely weekend!

potterjotter said...

It looks wonderful - I really do love that writing wrapping around the building - and 'cheap' too, which is rare these days!

Lyn said...

Temple Newsam won today and we had a lovely time!

diane b said...

It is great to see it so well preserved. I recognised an Australian bottle brush there.

Apples and Pears said...

Hi!!! Yes, we would have been there at the same time!! We arrived at about 12.30 ish and stayed until 5....baking hot. Love your blog - this is my first visit xx