Wednesday 2 November 2011

Les Invalides

On our last afternoon in Paris, we decided to wander around Les Invalides. We were too late to have a good look around the museum inside, but we had a lovely look around the outside. Once again, its on an enormous scale and has your jaw dropping at the detail.

We noticed that these tourists had found a novel way of getting around - I remember seeing the Segway tours last time. I bet their hips and knees and ankles didn't ache as much as ours did!
When I looked up, I noticed that the stone work around the windows were actually Knights in armour - that's what I mean about the detail!
Again, the statues were huge. I'd love to know how many statues there are in Paris.
The cobbled courtyard is beautiful. I wish we had left more time to explore inside - Ah well, we'll have to go back!
You can visit Napoleons tomb in Les Invalides, and also his taxidermy horse!
The dome on the chapel is stunning and the gold work really shines.
We had a lovely surprise in the Chapel - which is free to visit. Not only is it very beautiful......
but a choir was practising inside. They sounded incredible and they brought tears to our eyes. The dancing queen hadn't joined us on our trip as she was at Uni, but I rang her and let her listen to the choir as I knew she would love them. We sat and listened for a while. It was very moving.


John Going Gently said...

quite lovely

BadPenny said...

French archetecture is so stylish. How lovely to hear the choir too.
I wouldn't mind a go on those scooter thingies !

Thanks for your trick or treat tale. On the local radio they reported about a little boy in one village who had so many callers he gave his own trick or treat stash away. The villagers got to hear of it & made a treat package up for him & one dad delivered it.

Jo said...

How lucky to stumble on the choir practising, I bet it sounded wonderful. The architecture is amazing, the attention to detail just takes your breath away.

Victoria said...

I bet the choir thing was brilliant. I'd have loved that.

It's almost a year since Jonathan and I visited Paris :)


Deborah said...

Great photos as always, it looks so beautiful :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Rosie said...

How wonderful to hear the choir practice. It must have been magical:)

Kathy said...

We always go there when we're in Paris, because we usually stay in a little hotel round the corner. It's worth going round the museum, because the French have their own version of history. World War II is quite different from the war we've heard about!
The chapel is beautiful, isn't it. You certainly packed a lot in to your visit. I'm very jealous!

Lisa said...

A good excuse for the start of another visit!
Lisa x

greenthumb said...

Looks like you all had the time on your trip.

Little Blue Mouse said...

It looks lovely.