Friday 10 February 2012

Shefftopia Picnic

If you are in and around Sheffield this Sunday, you may like to pop in to the Millenium Galleries and support the picnic event that is being organised to show our displeasure at having all our funding cut by the Arts council.
If you go - try and find me and say "Hello" - I shall wear a heart shaped brooch.

SHEFFTOPIA is the cultural capitol of the Independent state of Sheffield.
Despite being the 4th largest city in England, Sheffield constantly gets overlooked and has almost become an invisible city in the eyes of the government and funding boards. Because of this Sheffield has grown to become fiercely independent and proud. one of the areas that has thrived is the cultural element of the city, we promote and curate our own festivals produce brilliant bands, have talented entrepreneurs who promote cultural events and set up fantastic independent shops and we have a wealth of talented creative writers, artists musicians, film makers and actors.
We may be starved of funding but we are not starved of culture.
Please help by supporting this peaceful event x
‎12 February at 12:00 at The Millennium Gallery"


Sue Hayton said...

Wish I could join you - the Sheffield galleries are a model for other cities - shame they are under threat!

Anonymous said...

I hope that it goes well and that a lot of people say hello to you.

Kathy said...

Sounds like a very worthwhile cause. It angers me when funding for the 'provinces' is cut .... I think those in Whitehall think culture only exists within the M25! They need to come North and see what goes on!
Good Luck Diane!

Patricia said...

I wish you luck with your cause. If I were nearer then I would have come along.

two bones and a bagle said...

Hope it goes well Diane I'm off to Southampton for a few days to see my big sister and her family. Shall I tell you where I got all the stuff - maybe - only teasing will tell you about the CS of the bestest kind when I see you for a coffee hopefully very soon.

Lisa said...

Hi. Hope all goes well on Sunday. Take lots of hot choc and soup! Did you see the idea for hot dogs in a flask in the nature detective email? You prob know about that though from your camping trips.
Lisa x

Jo said...

Hope it goes well and the Arts Council take notice.

Mad about Craft said...

Nothing has changed then?

menopausalmusing said...

Well done you for making a stand! Hope you are all heard "loud and clear".

Carol said...

I'll be with you in spirit but, sadly, won't be arriving in body.
Hope you get lots of support and that SOMEONE LISTENS!
Carol xx

Rosie said...

Hope it all goes well, Diane and that lots of people from the city turn up to support the picnic:)