Tuesday 2 April 2013


When we head out to the East Yorkshire Coast, we always whiz through Hull.  On Good Friday, we thought that we would stop and have a look around.  Come with me for a wander.

 Hull is on the wide estuary of the river Humber and has a rich seafaring history.  In the past, English sea ports made for very wealthy towns and cities and evidence of that wealth remains in Hull in the gorgeous buildings.

 I was amazed at the enormous scale of some of these buildings.
 And I loved some of the street names.
 Hull has a very atmospheric "Old Town" near the old original dock which has some fabulous looking original pubs, great alley ways, and old cobbled streets.  I  would love to be able to step back and see this place at its busiest.

 I read that Hull is a unique English city as it doesn't have a Cathedral.  The Parish Church is lovely though.
 It was late in the day so we couldn't look around the museums etc, but we will go back as there are so many stories about the place.  William Wilberforce lived here too.
 The original old dock has been made into an interesting waterfront area and Marina.
 I liked the statue of the European family on the waterfront.  Above 2 million families passed through the port of Hull before crossing to Liverpool by rail on their way to a new life in America by sea.
  I only had time to quickly snap the Humber Bridge as we made our way home.  I think that Hull warrants a weekends exploration.  I'm glad we stopped off for a look.


Kathy said...

I've only been to Hull once. When I was 17 I went to look at the Uni, decided I was too terrified to leave home, and went to a teacher training college near home instead.
It looks well worth another trip x

Rosie said...

I rememebr visiting William Wilberforce's house and the Ferens Art Gallery a few years ago now, I only saw a small part of Hull and would love to visit again one day - your photos of the old town are wonderful - so atmospheric:)

topchelseagirl said...

Love that statue

Gilly said...

My goodness, Diane, you have been getting out to some amazing, and fairly far flung places - Spurn, Eyam and Hull!

I've never been to Spurn, though I have been to Gibraltar Point - a similar long sandy formation, only in Lincolnshire. And that's an amazing place too!

But I love looking at all your photos. Keep on taking them!

Louise said...

for some reason, Hull has never appealed to me as a place to visit, though I know nothing about it. It sounds very interesting from your post though so definitely somewhere I'd like to visit now!

Down by the sea said...

Hull looks such an interesting place to visit, with lots of history and character. Thank you for sharing this with us and I will look forward to more posts about in the future.
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Hull is a lovely place to visit. I really like the statue of Andrew Marvell.

A garden just outside Venice said...

I hope you had a lovely Easter! Thank you for your FB post on my wall.
I can hardly catch up with blogs, I still need to update mine with my adventures in London and Prague..and in 20 days I'm taking another weekend off, with my parents this time :)
Have a good week!

Poppins Creations said...

Such lovely photographs! I was christened in that church :)
It's odd to see pretty photographs of where I live, when I walk past these places so often and don't really look at them. Probably because I'm so used to seeing them.
The Maritime Museum is a good place to look around, they had a lovely Titanic exhibition that I blogged about a while ago.
Also, The Deep is a lovely place to go if you like aquariums and things like that.


lazylol said...

Happy Easter!

I love Hull and often visit. I think we are going this week. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos x

Young at Heart said...

wow.....to Hull and back...... I've never been so thank you for the virtual tour.......stay warm they say it's going to snow down here again today!!!x

Curtise said...

I haven't been to Hull before, though we keep meaning to visit The Deep with the kids. I think I would really enjoy a wander around the city, it looks far more interesting architecturally than I imagined. Thanks for the tour, lovely photos as always. xxx

Lisa said...

I know nothing about Hull, except (I think) that's where Maureen Lipman comes from?!
You found some most interesting bits of the City to share with us in your quick whizz of a visit.
Lisa x

The Girl said...


The greatest city on earth, and THAT is a scientific fact.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Thank you for the tour of Hull. My uncle was marine superintendent for the Ellermans Wilson Line for many years in Hull until he retired. I've never been there so it was nice to see:)