Wednesday 15 May 2013

Looking on the bright side

The upside of a very rainy evening, with hubby at work, and nothing on the TV to entertain me is that I coulldn't go out and I suddenly felt the urge to sew.  I had seen an idea in a magazine that my Mum had given me, and I thought I would have a go.  You can make this small (like I did) to stand on a dressing table, or large and hang on the wall.  I bought a couple of picture frames from a charity shop for £1 each - you don't need the glass.  I painted these up with some leftover eggshell paint in a vintage white shade.  I started with a pretty piece of fabric for the background - this needs cutting larger than the backing of the frame.  I used pretty scraps to make pockets across the fabric so that I could tuck jewellery into these.  I had been looking for something to use the bottom piece of cutwork on as it is a piece that my Mum had started when she was a girl and never finished.  Now it has a purpose.

 By using lace, I will be able to hang wired earrings on here and the small strip that it is attached to is a small pocket so that I can pop studs in here too.
 I also made a felt corsage for a friends birthday this week.  These can be pinned onto the piece and just adds to the charm!
 I made a smaller one out of a tray cloth that had a stain on it.  I picked this up at a car boot sales for 10p.  It is hand embroidered and would have been a shame for it to have not been used in some way.
 I also made a couple of lavender bags out of a strip of vintage tea towel.
I'm thrilled to have got my crafting mojo back.


forgetmenotsblue said...

Looking good. I like your thrifty ideas. I like the idea of using old tea towels. :)

Ray+Joan said...

Great idea, think I will have a go, I will make a small one for behind the door for storing our keys. x

greenthumb said...

Great idea, they look great.

Lisa said...

An upside to the rubbish weather!
Love the earring holder, such a good idea.
Lisa x

JuanitaTortilla said...

They all look great, Diane! I like little small projects to get that crafty spark back.

Plain Jane said...

What a great idea - must give this one a go x Jane

Jan said...

I love the idea with the frame... simple but really effective. Jx

Lyn said...

Great ideas here Diane....send me some mojo's lacking over here!

Gilly said...

You did all that in one evening??? You are an incredible woman - and they are great!

A garden just outside Venice said...

Hello there Mrs Heartshaped!
It's not a ghost speaking :)
How are you my lovely?! It's such a longtime we don't chat via FB eh?!
I hope you're ok now?!
Lots of love,
Michela xxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a cracking idea, I love the way you did those. Well done.

lazylol said...

lovely :)