Thursday 30 May 2013

Stainless Steel City

And so we crossed the road and ended up in Victoria Quays by the canal - an area of the city that is  very under used and could be so fabulous.

 The buildings have been restored and some used for flats whilst others are used as offices.  There is also a hotel but the bars and canal side in general are never busy.

 We decided to eat at the cafe to help support the cause.  It was lovely and sunny and it really is a nice place to sit.  I understand that once the market is demolished, the council plan to improve access to the Quays to try and make it more popular - I hope it does.

 Hubby noticed the massive Carp swimming about - they are absolutely enormous and there are hundreds of them! One lady who lived on a barge said that they must be able to read as they hung about near the "no fishing " sign.

 We then walked into Sheffield over Park Square, where the tram runs.
 People of a certain age may remember the "Hole in the Road" that was demolished to make way for the tram.  I used to love the Hole in the Road (or "oil int ruuard") but it got very run down and uncared for and ended up a bit of a no go area.  It's a huge shame as it was iconic and very unique.
 I was headed in the direction of the Howard Pub near the railway station as the street artist Faunagraphic has just finished her most recent piece.
 This is Harry Brearley who invented Stainless Steel.  I think its really good.  I love the way we have several of these pieces of street art dotted around now - they really brighten the city up.

 And I was delighted to discover that the butter spreader I found when we cleared out my father in laws house seems to be a Brearley Stainless piece.  My little piece of Sheffield treasure.


Kathy said...

Another interesting walk Diane. That Quays area could be really developed, couldn't it. But then it wouldn't be so peaceful I suppose.
Kathy x

Rosie said...

That brings back memories! A few years ago we parked near the quays as Paul had a meeting in that building over the water. I loved that row of houses. We had coffee in the hotel cafe and I walked up into the city centre for a few hours. I remember the 'hole in the road' from my childhood/teens as we had to walk through it from the bus station to get to the shops:)

Lisa said...

What a lovely piece of Sheffield history you own.
What a wonderful part of the town you visited. I love that old clock with the Coal and Coke on it.
Lisa x

Linda P said...

I remember the Hole in the Road from when we used to visit our daughter...and now we've moved to the area! My grandsons would love to see the carp! Somehow we don't get to the Quays except once when we drove around trying to find an hotel entrance to pick up some relatives and got lost! Typical of us trying to find our way around a new area. Walking and tram travel is better!

Lyn said...

You get about lady!
lovely interesting post.