Wednesday 8 May 2013


Ripon must be one of the smallest city's in the UK, and most certainly the quietest on a Saturday night.  We wandered around its lovely old fashioned streets and marvelled at the enormous Cathedral which was bathed in evening sunlight.

 The Town Hall stands on the market square and I thought it looked very French.

 They are very keen on law and order in this city.  They have 3 museums dotted around dedicated to law and order, and they have a "Hornblower" - a chap who blows a horn at 9pm to let you know that he is in charge.  This ancient tradition still happens every night at 9pm in Ripon.

Whilst the town hall looked French, the row of phone boxes paint a very English picture.
The streets look very empty, but the restaurants were all very full and we struggled to find a table for ourselves.  It really is a gorgeous little city and we really loved our wander.
 They also know how to plant up their roundabouts and verges too!


elsy said...

I want to go there. So many places here I haven't been to. Keep reporting back Diane.

Kathy said...

Your photos are lovely, all bathed in a golden light.
Kathy xxx

Kathy said...

Your photos are lovely, all bathed in a golden light.
Kathy xxx

John Going Gently said...

Was top on James herriots home town?

Lyn said...

Lovely photos...I can't remember if we have been but its going on the list any way! Xxx

June said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour - what a fab break.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous shot of the street decorated with bunting, what a pretty place.
I do like a display of polyanthus, they are so cheery.
Lisa x

Curtise said...

I have never been to Ripon - that's shameful, isn't it?! It looks beautiful. xxx

Rosie said...

Ripon looks a delightful place:)

forgetmenotsblue said...

Wonderful photos we often pass Ripon on the way up North to visit my Grandad on the North East coast. I often wondered what it looks like and now I know looks like a wonderful place :)