Thursday 16 May 2013

Vintage - moi?

Elsecar Heritage Facebook page (their website is useless) had alerted me to the fact that on Sunday they had a Morris Minor Club meet up, so I thought I would go check them out .  I would just love a Morris Traveller - which colour should I have?  How fab would a picnic be in any of these little beauties.

 It makes you realise just how old you are when you amongst the vintage section are cars that your old boyfriends took you courting in!!
 In my day, boys did not impress you with their motors!   I truly am vintage!
 I love Elsecar Heritage Centre and there seems to be more and more happening now - which is good.  It has a couple of lovely cafes.  This one in the old Watchmans cottage is beautiful - I could move in.
 It has a great little deli attached to it too.
 I love looking around here when I am on my own - I spend ages talking to the shop/cafe owners etc  Its such a great atmosphere.
 I discovered that they also hold a massive antiques fair every 2nd Sunday of the month too.  Not too pricey and plenty to see.  They use the massive old railway shed - so plenty of shelter away from the rain.
 I also called in at Heritage Re-Loved - just for a look (as you do).  She has some truly fantastic vintage items and amazing vintage fabrics - at very reasonable prices.  I couldn't resist this large piece of 1950's cotton which reminded me of a dress that my mum used to wear.  I asked her how much it was.  She measured it and gave me the price.
I was a bit undecided, but eventually talked myself into it.  Then I noticed she got a bit panicky.  She explained that she really struggled to let things go - she loves every item in her shop so much.  She  stroked it, lovingly wrapped it, and then cuddled it for a few moments before she handed it over to me. I paid, then she said " If you change your mind, please bring it back - I don't mind".  I think most of us knows how she feels!!


Lyn said...

Yes I know how she feels.....I still love that trailer! Xxx

Jan said...

I love the trailer too! What a great place to have nearby. Jx

Rosie said...

I like the cream one but then I like the green one! Do I spot meercats in that trailer?:)

Curtise said...

How funny about the fabric! It is lovely though, I can understand the lady's reluctance to part with it! What are you going to make with it?
The cars remind me of my childhood, and the Heritage centre sounds great.
PS. My wardrobe is normal-sized but there is a LOT of overspill! xxxx

Lisa said...

Those cars are just so beautiful.
It must be lovely going to work in such attractive surroundings like the cafe, busy thought I bet!
What are you going to make from the fabric?
Lisa x

Sugar-Sweet-Emily said...

I drove a Morris Minor 1000 until recently!! And I'm only 23! Loved it! :)

jennyfreckles said...

I've seen the signs for this on the M1 but never been - now it's on my must-visit list. Thanks.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I would love a Morris Traveller too, that maroon one would do for me. How gorgeous is the trailer?

Love the story of the fabric!