Sunday 14 June 2009

Blue and White Theme

We seemed to have a blue and white theme running through last weekend. Firstly the sky was my favorite shade of sky blue, with the odd fluffy white cloud. A perfect back drop for my favorite white roses.

I call this shot "Sole Survivor". I was supposed to have a swathe of Delphiniums in my garden, but the ****** slugs won out despite the vigilante tactics employed by the hubby!!!
My favorite light cotton spotty jammies attempting to keep me cool . I am officially "hot in bed" according to my hubby, but unfortunately not in a sex kittenish way, more in a peri menopausal woman way.
I picked up my knitting needles again for the first time in a while as I couldn't resist this Rowan Denim cotton.

And this is what I made - I call it Random stripe.

And finally this is what persuaded the Tram conductress to stop the tram so that he wouldnt lose his mother. He was wearing the right colours. Blue and White.


Beki said...

Hey 'hot stuff', love the cushion, clever you.
Wish I could knit, my dear Nan spent many years trying to teach me but it just wasn't meant to be.
Have a great week
Beki xxx

The Ample Cook said...

Beautiful delphiniums.They're my favourite. Aren't slugs evil?

I know what you mean about 'hot in bed' me too, but not in a good way!

Summer by the sea said...

Lovely flowers, like your cushion too - have to disagree about the footy shirt though - I'm a blade through and through! - Natalie x

Blueberry Heart said...

Diane, your posts really make me chortle!!! I have 'tagged' you on over on my blog if you'd like to take part!
Best wishes BH x
Love the cushion by the way!

Lisa said...

Lovely pillow, is there no end to your talents?
We did have the most wonderful weather this weekend, hope there's many more like that to come.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

I love all your blue and white things - the delphinium is such a gorgeous blue and I love your stripey knitting I thought it was a bag but can see now it is a cushion cover? You always make me smile:)

Julia said...

I hate slugs, I hate them with a passion, they are eating my dwarf peas and have scoffed some other veggies - my beets are disappearing one by one, seems vigilante tactics are necessary, camping out the back all night poised with bucket and spade...


Your blue and white theme is very cheery, I love your cushion, its very St. Ives-ey, and I like the footy kit your young-un is sporting, reminds me of my own 'youth' and saturday afternoons spent in Hillsborough cheering my head off and getting squashed on the Kop when it was still standing only!!

J xxx

Louise said...

White flowers in the garden are my favourites, especially in the evening light. I also love blue delphiniums, without much success in my garden I must add. Lovely cushion, it would look lovely with Cornishware in the backdrop. x

Lazylol said...

Well Diane - we have a lot of blue and white...oh and owls around here too!

LOVE the cushion.

Michela said...

Hello Diane!
Thank for dropping by my blog!
You're are right, blogging is a great opportunity to travel around the world and "meet" nice people.
What a brilliant idea your hearts' collection!
..So see you next time..on the net!
Greetins from Italy :)

Caroline said...

Blue and white is such a lovely combination, very clean and summery.
After my interview the other day in Amsterdam I too ended up in a wool shop, they have all the Rowan yarns there. I could not resist them and have started knitting again, after loads of years. Love it. Love the cushion you made, that is gorgeous, did you design it yourself?

lesley said...

I love the blue & white Diane, makes me think of the seaside & my friends apartment on the coast, she decked her lounge out in those pretty, & don't worry about getting hot, just think of it as " you have your own personal climate" ;0)