Saturday, 13 June 2009

A series of (thankfully minor) unfortunate events.

Is it just me? or do these things happen to others too.
Last Sunday - the dancing queen needed to be in town very early so I volunteered to take her to the tram station. She got me out of be and I dressed (more of that later!!) but I didnt brush my hair, teeth or apply any lippy. On arriving at the tram stop, she said she could smell smoke - very strongly, and we then noticed smoke coming from under the bonnet!! We dove out and called the fire brigade. They sent the "fittest looking firemen" (her words, but I had to agree!!) and I looked like I had just gotten out of bed!!! Typical! I say I got dressed, in the past I have been known to pop a jumper over my jammies when dropping her off or picking her up late. Thankfully, the car was ok. Some heat deflector thingy had fallen onto the exhaust and it was just smouldering. After the AA had checked me out, I was allowed to proceed on my way.

Then on Wednesday - We were taking the dancing queen into town to her lesson and we planned to wander around and watch the live music as it was "Wednesday Night Live" again. However - just as we got into the car, it started to rain, as we got further into Sheffield, the rain became of biblical proportions. It thundered and the lightning was the worst I had ever seen. Suddenly the traffic ground to halt - everywhere was gridlocked as Sheffield once again did a great impression of Venice. She managed to get to her lesson, but they had cancelled it. We had to take refuge in Cole Brothers (John Lewis) - my idea!! Well every cloud has a silver lining!! After a perusal in the fabric and wool department (and a purchase or two), we deemed it safe to venture back home. Once again some people have been flooded out of their homes, and a number of cars just floated away.

Then today - The dancing queen was taking part in "Chance to Dance" in the city centre, and so young man and I thought we would go through and watch her. We drove to the tram stop and parked up (we usually take the tram in as its cheaper than paying to park in the city centre, and usually a lot less hassle than driving in). A tram was on the platform, so we made a bit of a dash for it. As the young man got onto the tram, the doors shut - leaving me on the platform, and him on the tram with no cash!! It pulled away!! It got to the end of the platform and then stopped. so I belted down and jumped on. Apparantly another "mummy" on the tram had seen his plight and yelled at the conductress to stop the tram as "a little boy" was on the tram and his mummy had been left behind. The whole carriage laughed as I staggered onto the tram to see 5foot 5inch "little boy" reunited with 5foot2inch mummy!!!

PS - I have added a link forr the elderflower champagne on the relevant post


Summer by the sea said...

Well, let's hope your run of bad luck is over! My Dad got stuck in the traffic on Wednesday due to the floods - my mum was in the Thornbury hospital at Ranmoor and my Dad went to visit her - it took him 3 hours to get back to Mosborough! - Natalie x

Lazylol said...

Oh dear Diane - what a week you've had. I have weeks like it too though so don't worry it's not just you. Hope this week turns out better!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness what a palaver.
Hope car is ok.

JuliaB said...

Good greif! it was frightening enough when that happened to Mr M and I in Italy! I would have been out of my mind if it had been Jimmy on his own! Lucky that other mummy stopped the tram!! x