Monday, 29 June 2009

Little and Large.

On our evening stroll around the lakes in Wentworth, we saw:

The worlds smallest frog! infact there were loads of them on the path down to the lake, we had to be careful where we put our feet.

And this fisherman caught the worlds largest fish! Well it might not be the largest in the world, but it was pretty big and he had a struggle with it. The lake seems to be full of these really large Carp. We were feeding them with bread earlier.

It was a perfect summers evening.

Has anyone else noticed how large the flowers are on the Blackberry bushes this year? I'm hoping for a bumper crop of the beauties in September.


Lyn said...

Oh might make me pull my finger out and make some jam then, hope so.

...Nina Nixon... said...

My word that is a tiny frog!

Fingers crossed for blackberries this year like the strawberries the crop has been pants the past couple of years.

Nina x

Michela said...

I love your turquoise nail polish!!!

Beki said...

I'm with Michela, love your nail varnish.
I think those tiny frogs would creep me out a bit!
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine.
Beki xxx

Colette said...

My front garden is full of tiny frog. Hopefully that will mean less snails next year!!

I had been think the sam about the black berry flowers. Fingers crossed.


Tiny Room said...

I think everbody will find that its my nailpolish :)
Barry M collection :D
x x x

Gilly said...

How did you manage to get your nail polish to match the fisherman's hat?? ;)

Looks a lovely walk.

[I'm scared about my cataract surgey today - know its silly, but there we are!]

Lisa said...

If you kissed it would he have turned into a tiny prince?
Love the nail varnish.x
No royal connections in our family as far as I know!
Lisa x

lesley said...

I love that tiny frog Diane! So cute.
Baz has frogs in his pond, in the evening they come & sit under the decking & croak all evening! Really funny when you're sitting out there with friends, I just tell them it's Baz's tum!